Senior Developers earn an average $109,957 per year—here are 9 other top tech jobs for new grads

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With unemployment at a 50-year low of 3.6%, recent college grads are in a strong position to land high-paying jobs — especially in tech. 

Using data from its platform, jobs site Comparably analyzed thousands of anonymous job records submitted by employees to see which tech jobs are the most popular and pay the most for workers between the ages of 18 and 24.

Comparably points out that unlike many industries that require an extended amount of work experience for certain roles, tech is an industry that is filled with young people whose talent and skills are in-demand immediately after graduation.

At the top of the list are senior developers. This job requires candidates to have experience with coding, web development and app development. Senior developers also earn an average yearly salary of $109,957 — that's more than double the average $50,004 salary that the National Association of Colleges and Employers said recent graduates earned in 2018.

Take a look below to see what other positions rounded out Comparably's list of top 10 tech jobs for new grads:

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10. Business Analyst

Average Salary: $67,364

According to Comparably, business analyst is an "IT-related position that involves bringing the needs of a business together with IT resources." Most of these roles require a degree in business, as well as knowledge about computer programming and data analysis.

9. Marketing Manager

Average salary: $67,687

According to Comparably, marketing managers work with sales, PR, product, finance and advertising teams to create a strategy for how they can sell a product or service. Many of these positions require a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, advertising or PR. Some positions may say that an MBA is preferred as well.

8. Business Development Manager

Average salary: $68,588

Business development managers, according to Comparably, help to increase a company's revenue, identify new business trends and lead sales for the organization. Most of these positions require a degree in business, marketing, communications or a related field.

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7. UI/UX Designer

Average salary: $71,691

User Interface designers (UI) and User Experience (UX) designers "work together to make certain that a user's experience on a web page conform to the overall company vision," says Comparably. In order to qualify for this role, candidates will need familiarity with UI and UX principles, Sketch, Marvel App, Adobe XD and Invision App.

6. DevOps Engineer

Average salary: $86,094

According to Comparably, a DevOps engineer "uses various technologies to automate systems and oversee software development." Most roles with this job title require candidates to be fluent in web language and SysAdmin.

5. Product Manager

Average salary: $87,947

Product managers are responsible for leading the cross-functional design of a team and the different stages of development for a product, says Comparably. Most candidates in this role will be required to have a bachelor's degree in business or a related field, as well as an understanding of coding.

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4. Data Scientist

Average salary: $88,813

According to Comparably, data scientist use "statistical analysis tools to comb through large amounts of data for insights and meaning." To qualify for this role, most candidates will need a bachelor's degree in IT, math or computer science. Some roles may also prefer that you have a master's degree.

3. Mobile Developer

Average salary: $92,654

According to Comparably, mobile developers are sometimes referred to as Android developers or iOS developers. Candidates in this role work on new applications for mobile devices and they are often required to have programming skills, as well as knowledge about cross-platform app development and mobile user interface design.

2. Lead Engineer

Average salary: $103,237

Lead engineers are responsible for monitoring and managing a group of engineers from start to finish on a product, according to Comparably. Most of these positions require a candidate to have a degree in management science or engineering.

1. Senior Developer

Average salary: $109,957

According to Comparably, senior developers are often referred to as software engineers. They are responsible for overseeing coding, web development and app development projects and are often required to be skilled in CSS, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript and JSON.

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