This video perfectly captures why 'smart' homes have never caught on

Key Points
  • GE recently published a video on YouTube explaining how to reset its smart bulbs.
  • It shows why smart homes can cause headaches, requiring you to reset seemingly mundane things, like your lights.
  • The process requires you to turn your lights on and off at different intervals.
GE's smart bulb video shows why smart homes can cause headaches.

GE published a video in January that everyone's just now talking about, and it perfectly captures why smart homes have never really caught on.

In it, GE shows how to reset its smart light bulbs. The video starts with a warning that you might have one of two different smart bulb models or your smart bulb might be running on older firmware — itself a hilarious idea — and that you may need to try a second process that's explained in the latter part of the clip.

GE begins to explain how to reset the bulbs. It requires turning the bulb on and off several times for a specific number of seconds. The narrator's voice is both soothing and forceful as he repeats "Turn off for two seconds. Turn on for eight seconds." It sounds like a meditation guide.

If this doesn't work, GE says, you have a different model of bulb or older firmware, and you need to try a second process of turning the bulb on and off for a different amount of time.

GE did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

The video perfectly illustrates why some people are turned off by smart homes: because you need to keep everything updated, including things like light bulbs that can otherwise be operated with the simple flick of a switch.

And when things go wrong, they really go wrong.

Check out the video below.