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How Canadian health care compares to America's system

'Medicare-for-all': How Canada's universal health-care system works
'Medicare-for-all': How Canada's universal health-care system works

Canada's health-care system is playing a larger role in America's political discourse as the 2020 presidential elections heat up.

Progressives on the left love pointing to Canada as an equitable and efficient health care system. Conservatives, on the other hand, use Canada as an example when warning about the dangers of socialized medicine and unchecked bureaucracy.

Canada is a single-payer health-care system, kind of like the "Medicare for All" plans some well-known Democrats have been promoting. It provides basic universal coverage to its citizens, but it also has reports of long waiting times. Many also say it's difficult to navigate.

Despite mixed reports of the system's effectiveness, 94% of Canadians say their version of medicare is an important source of both personal and collective pride for their country.

So how exactly is medicare working in Canada and how does it compare to the United States? Watch the video above to find out.