This is what Google's new phones will probably look like

Key Points
  • New leaked renderings of what the Google Pixel 4 probably looks like are published.
  • Google published a teaser of the Pixel 4 in June.
  • The Pixel 4 is expected to launch in October.
A render of the Pixel 4 published by @OnLeaks and iGeeksBlog.

Last month, Google published the first picture of its new smartphone, the Pixel 4, on Twitter.

But that image was just a teaser. On Saturday, a designer who goes by the Twitter handle @OnLeaks and is known for creating accurate renderings of upcoming phones published the first images of what the phone will probably look like. The renderings were released in partnership with iGeeksBlog.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google is pushing full steam ahead with its flagship phones in an effort to earn its own share of the Android market. It's one of the smaller players in the phone hardware market, though its more affordable Pixel 3a phones, which launched in May, have helped it appeal to a broader audience while still offering a great camera. A large model is rendered next to a smaller one, suggesting Google will launch an "XL" and a standard size Pixel 4 this fall.

Pixel 4 renders published by iGeeksBlog.

The renderings show that Google may follow Apple and other phone makers in removing the standard headphone jack, as it did with last year's Pixel 3 but not the more recent Pixel 3a. Also, since there isn't a visible fingerprint scanner, it appears Google may launch some sort of facial recognition unlock feature similar to Face ID on the iPhone. People who don't like notches on their phones to make room for the selfie camera may like that this one appears to have no notch.


The back of the Pixel 4 appears to have a three cameras that will likely help Google build on the Pixel's reputation as having one of the best phone cameras on the market. The additional sensors may help with augmented reality apps, for wide-angle photos, improved night images and better portrait pictures. It looks almost identical to the back of leaked pictures of the next iPhone.

The Pixel 3 was announced in October and the Pixel 4 is expected around the same time this year when Google also launches its next version of Android, currently named Android Q. Apple is expected to introduce its new iPhones in September. Samsung announced that it will hold an event in New York on Aug. 7, where it's expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 10.

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