These are the 10 highest-rated workplaces in 2019, according to Indeed

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In addition to great pay and benefits, job-seekers today are also placing a high value on an employer's reputation.

In fact, 95% of workers said insight into a company's employer reputation is important when considering a new job opportunity, according to a survey by job site Indeed. Additionally, 70% of job-seekers said if there was no information about a company's reputation online they would automatically develop a level of distrust in the organization.

Looking at over 150 million employer reviews and ratings on its platform, Indeed compiled a list of the top-rated workplaces in 2019. For the third year in a row, Facebook placed in the top five, and for the fourth year in a row Southwest Airlines earned a top-five spot. Coming in at No. 1 as a newcomer is software giant Adobe.

Take a look below at the 10 top-rated workplaces for 2019, according to employer reviews on Indeed:

Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson
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10. Johnson& Johnson

Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Employee review: "This is a great place to work. The people are good, the environment is rewarding and as long as you are engaged then you will grow individually and professionally."

9. Microsoft

Industry: Internet and Software
Headquarters: Redmond, Washington
Employee review: "Microsoft is such a great organization. You have all the support from leaders that empower you to achieve more. I work 100% remote and it is fun everyday. You just don´t stop learning!!"

8. eBay

Industry: Internet and Software
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employee review: "Great for a stay at home mother!!! The harder you work the more money you make. If you have an eye for antiques, then this is the job for you!! Again, great for stay at home mothers!"

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7. Delta

Industry: Transport and Freight
Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
Employee review: "Delta helped me out so much through my eight years with the company. There were plenty of benefits and the pay was awesome. I highly recommend this employer if you can get in the door with them."

6. Costco Wholesale

Industry: Retail
Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington
Employee review: "I would recommend a job at Costco to anyone looking to make a career in retail. There are avenues for promotion and the pay is good. The work can be physically taxing depending on what department you work in, but you also receive good benefits if you work full-time."

5. Intuit

Industry: Internet and Software
Headquarters: Mountain View, California
Employee review: "The fact that you can work from home is a major plus. You can select your own work schedule and work as many hours as you can. There is sometime mandatory overtime and you can get as much overtime as possible. The job is very easy and the environment is excellent."

Michael Rapino, CEO, Live Nation
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4. Live Nation

Industry: Media, News and Publishing
Headquarters: Beverly Hills, California
Employee review: "I'm in the operations department and I love working at Front Gate. The benefits that LNE provides us are amazing and although I do work long hours, they are fulfilling hours! What better place to work than in the music industry, where my passion lies!"

3. Southwest Airlines

Industry: Transport and Freight
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Employee review: "Wonderful company, very flexible position, all around wonderful job. I enjoyed my 11 years of working with Southwest as a flight attendant. Great health and travel benefits. Great staff and employees."

2. Facebook

Industry: Internet and Software
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California
Employee review: "Great team all around that helped me progress in my career and helped in every way possible. Facebook gave me all the tools I needed to succeed from training to hardware."

1. Adobe

Industry: Internet and Software
Headquarters: San Jose, California
Employee review: "Was a great place to work and learn. Plenty to do and so many tools at my disposal. The people were great as well! Would recommend to anyone to work there."

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