UK set to launch huge Brexit advertising campaign to get country ready to leave the EU

Postcards showing the British Union flag, also known as Union Jack, sit on display at a souvenir store near to the Elizabeth Tower, also known as 'Big Ben', in London, U.K.
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The U.K. will soon launch one of the largest public information advertising campaigns it has ever run to prepare people and businesses for Brexit, whether there is a withdrawal deal or not.

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Britain's new Finance Minister Sajid Javid said that the campaign would help to ensure the country's readiness to leave the EU.

"We are also going to fund a major nationwide communications campaign to ensure the people and businesses of this great country are ready and poised to leave on October 31. More details will be announced soon, but I can say that this looks set to be one of the government's biggest ever public information campaigns," Javid wrote on Sunday.

Up to £100 million ($123.4 million) is thought to have been allocated to the ad campaign, according to a Telegraph source, and it is likely to use large-scale media such as billboards and TV, together with leaflets and online advertising.

It could also include a no-deal preparation leaflet delivered to every home in the U.K.

"Making sure Britain is prepared for no deal is the best way to get a great new deal," Javid wrote. "That is why this government is turbocharging preparations to leave with no deal." Javid is set to reveal plans to spend £1 billion on preparations for a no-deal Brexit, the Telegraph report suggested.

Boris Johnson, Britain's new prime minister, has already said that the country must leave the EU by the October 31 deadline "do or die, come what may," and on Monday the government stepped up its planning for a no-deal scenario.

Johnson and his Conservative Party have already been advertising on Facebook. One ad, which started running on the social network on Sunday, appealed to people to join the party. "No ifs, no buts. We'll leave on 31st October — and whatever happens EU citizens here can be certain of their rights to stay. Agree? Join Boris's team," it stated, with a link to join the Conservatives. The party spent £13,487 on Facebook ads for the seven days starting July 21, three days before Johnson took office as prime minister.

Previous large publicly-funded information campaigns include the launch of Britain's National Health Service in 1948 and a "Don't die of ignorance," ad campaign about AIDS prevention in 1986, then the government's largest ever public health campaign.

A no-deal Brexit would make UK economy 'permanently smaller': Moody's
A no-deal Brexit would make UK economy 'permanently smaller': Moody's