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Cramer's lightning round: The reason investors should own Microsoft

Key Points
  • It's that time again! "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer rings the lightning round bell, which means he's giving his answers to callers' stock questions at rapid speed.

Microsoft Corp.: "I want you to own Microsoft. [CEO] Satya Nadella's done such a remarkable job."

Boeing: "Well, actually, to tell you the truth I would take out my initial investment and let the rest run. I know it's a problematic time for Boeing, but the fact is that even if they shut the production line, the stock is reflecting some of that. So take out the money that you put in and that's it."

Ferrari: "Well, you know, my wife is a Lamborghini person, but I got to tell you: RACE is doing remarkably well. I'm a buyer, Dave!"

Inmode: "That thing is about as hot as a pistol. It's got no earnings, got no revenues. You're out there all by yourself, my friend, but I do like younger people having a chance at taking a big swing, and you can do that."

Hexo: "Just keep looking. Don't buy because I'm telling you some of these cannabis stocks, with the exception of Cronos right now, I say be careful."

WATCH: Cramer's lightning round

Cramer's lightning round: The reason investors should own Microsoft

Disclosure: Cramer's charitable trust owns shares of Microsoft.

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