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How to answer this Facebook exec's go-to interview question about problem-solving

Maxine Williams
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Want to get hired at Facebook? Get in line.

The process of getting hired to work at the social media giant can be intense, but Maxine Williams, Facebook's global chief diversity officer, has a go-to interview question that she says helps her assess whether a candidate has the qualities she looks for in a Facebook employee

"I always ask people, 'Give me an example of where you have used data to spot a problem, you have built a strategy to solve it, you've deployed that strategy, and you have metrics to show it was successful,'" Williams tells CNBC Make It. "I start with data, I end with data, and I'm looking at how you build and learn in between."

Williams wants to hire practical people that can articulate solutions. She says she can spot a know-it-all in an interview, or even from their resume, and that it's important to be able to demonstrate confidence, but also humility. 

"Sometimes I'll see resumes where people will describe themselves as 'world-renowned blah da da da,' and I'm like, really?" Williams says. "Because now you just sound arrogant; so you might be good at something, and I want you to show us that – but that's why I said the humility but the confidence. That works better for us."

I start with data, I end with data, and I'm looking at how you build and learn in between.
Maxine Williams

One way to demonstrate humility, according to Williams: Be up-front when you don't know something or aren't sure a strategy will work. 

"People who come as know-it-alls is a little out of our culture," Williams says. "But I do want you, with confidence, to be like, 'Hey, here's how I've been tackling this problem.' But feel free to say what you don't know, too. That helps me to know that you are somebody I can work with. Because we're going to build this together."

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