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Inside the gym backed by Pitbull that has a full bar, pays instructors up to $1,000 an hour and accepts bitcoin

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG

A new gym that's opened in Manhattan has a cocktail bar, takes bitcoin and pays it's trainers up to $1,000 an hour.

The 5,000-square foot, $4 million studio, called Grit Bxng, is co-founded by Bill Zanker (who created The Learning Annex) along with his children, Ediva and Dylan, and has high profile investors like rapper Pitbull, billionaire Tim Draper and Tony Robbins.

Zanker says the idea is to combine "happy hour" with fitness in a club-like setting.

"No one likes to work out," Zanker tells CNBC Make It. "Now working out is fun."

The facility, which has a full bar, also accepts bitcoin.

Zanker says that over 300 people around the world auditioned for nine highly paid positions as fitness instructors. Two of those trainers currently make a $1,000 an hour, he says, while others average $450 per class. Guests can also tip their instructors via an app.

"We had trainers fly in from London, Russia and Tel Aviv to try out. We really have the best trainers in the world," Zanker says.

Each 50-minute class (which includes boxing, weights and treadmill sprints) costs $36 per person with a total of 54 spots. That's about the same price point as a Soulcycle or Barry's Bootcamp class in New York City.

Billionaire investor Tim Draper tells CNBC Make It that he invested in Grit because Zanker's son Dylan went to Draper University, plus, bitcoin was involved.

Draper is heavily invested in the cryptocurrency, which he believes will trade at $250,000 by 2023, according to Yahoo Finance. (Bitcoin is currently trading at more than $10,000, according to Coinbase.)

Zanker says he raised more than $2.5 million from outside investors to launch Grit and plans to open another studio in San Francisco this year.

Take a look inside the boozy gym.

The workout area is divided into three areas: boxing (where there is reportedly a blue Swarvoski crystal-covered boxing bag), weights and treadmills. Zanker says he spent more than a $1 million dollars on a light and sound system to make the workout feel like people are inside a club.

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG

Instructors lead the class from a stage in front of a giant video wall displaying each workout move.

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG

After class, gym-goers can by an alcoholic drink or a mocktail at the Grit Bar.

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG

Drinks on the menu include a hard Kombucha for $11, a kale martini for $12 and an electrolyte margarita for $14. (Of course, investor Pitbull's vodka, Premium Voli 305, will also be used in many of the cocktails.)

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG

Even the locker rooms are stylish.

Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG
Source: Jorge Quinteros / GRIT BXNG
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