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HIGHLIGHTS-Leaders' closing remarks at Biarritz G7 Summit

BIARRITZ, France, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Here are highlights of the G7 leaders' closing remarks at a summit in Biarritz, France:

FRENCH PRESIDENT EMMANUEL MACRON: On Iran: : "Two things are very important for us: Iran must never have nuclear weapons, and this situatin should never threaten regional stability."

U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP: On summit: "I want to thank you very much Mr President for the incredible job you did. This is a truly successful G7. There was tremendous unity, great unity."

"There was great unity. We would have stayed for another hour. Nobody wanted to leave. We were accomplishing a lot, but I think more importantly, we getting along very well." GERMAN CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL On Iran: "What unites us, and that is a big step forward, is that we not only don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons, but also that we (want to) find the solution to that via political means." On Brexit: "Europe is very much unified in its representation here ... we will have some work to do in the autumn on Britain's exit (from the EU). So we face some busy weeks ahead."

On talks with Trump: "I renewed my proposal that American firms - small and mid-sized firms - could come to Germany for a conference so that we can better present the German market to the Americans ... that (idea) met with approval." (Editing by Richard Lough)