Tech entrepreneur paid $9.5 million for a teardown and built this $35 million Laguna Beach mansion

See inside $35 million Laguna Beach home

Perched high above the Pacific Ocean, in Southern California's exclusive Laguna Beach community, is a cliff-side compound that's on the market for $35 million.

But it didn't always look like this.

Aerial image of 58 N. La Senda Dr. in Laguna Beach
Aaron Kirman Partners

"Originally it was a cottage, almost like a shack in disrepair," explains homeowner and tech entrepreneur Mark Hammond, who gave CNBC an exclusive tour of his residence.

Construction site
Mark Hammond

Property records show Hammond purchased the original Laguna Beach structure in August 2005 for $9.5 million. He says it took him eight years and millions of dollars to transform it into the home it is today.

The residence is 6,000 square feet.
Aaron Kirman Partners

The 6,000 square foot beach home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms including a killer master suite with glass walls that give a clear view all the way to the coastline.

Master bedroom
Aaron Kirman Partners

"The best part? No neighbors can see you," says Hammond.

The painting over the fireplace mantle slides to reveal a flat screen TV.
Aaron Kirman Partners

In the living room, a painting above the fireplace mantle can slide to reveal a big-screen TV.


One level below, down a floating staircase, is the owner's favorite room in the house: his private man cave.

A floating staircase leads to the homeowner's favorite room in the house: his man cave.
Aaron Kirman Partners

Inside, there's a glass-encased wine cellar and a state-of-the-art movie theater.

The movie theater's curtains open to reveal a window into the owner's garage.
Aaron Kirman Partners

One of the movie theater's walls has a curtain that slides open with the press of a button, revealing a window into the garage where Hammond parks his sportscar and displays his favorite motorbikes. There's also an oil-change pit in the garage.

The garage has a car spinner, oil-change pit, and also stores the homeowner's motorbike collection.
Aaron Kirman Partners

"I've collected over 50 motorcycles from the '60s and '70s," he explains, including this Yahama bike with a mannequin that wears Hammond's riding gear from when he was 17.


Out back, a stairway to the ocean below leads to the property's most unique feature: a private beach and tide pool that fills up with water, sometimes even sharks.

"We get fish almost daily in the pool," Hammond says. "When the next high tide comes, it pulls them back out to sea."

Stairs lead down to the ocean below.
Aaron Kirman Partners

But after living here for more than a decade, Hammond says he's ready to part with his Laguna Beach property.

"I decided to list the house for $35 million because I'd like to do another project before I get old," he explains. "I really enjoy having the vision and then watching that vision come alive."

Dining area
Aaron Kirman Partners

Hammond, who retired at age 40, describes himself as a serial tech entrepreneur.

"I had a health care company... and insurance software company that I sold in the mid '90s," he tells CNBC. The last company Hammond was CEO of — software firm Appriss Retail — provides fraud detection for big-box retailers. "I sold that company a few years ago, and finally retired for good this time."

CNBC's Christopher DiLella is a producer for special projects.

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