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The new #MillennialRetirementPlans? Make dark jokes on Twitter


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If you're wondering how millennials are feeling about their so-called golden years, the trending Twitter hashtag #millennialretirementplans paints a bleak picture.

"Watch as the environment disintegrates and move to Mars, where we will yet again, destroy another planet," wrote one user.


"Hope we don't die in our chairs during a meeting that could have been an email," tweeted another.


The depressing responses to the hashtag show the common sentiments on the internet among younger demographics. Stagnant wages, soaring rents, increased health-care costs, the proliferation of gig economy jobs that don't offer benefits like a 401(k) plan, uncertainty about Social Security, climate change and political instability have left a generation with a sense of ennui about their futures and their finances.

On Tuesday that manifested in dark, existential dread-fueled jokes about never retiring, and pointing out perceived hypocrisy from older generations about finances.


While baby boomers might say their kids need to stop complaining and start saving, data supports the notion that millennials are systemically worse off than their parents. Just 60% of millennials (born between 1983 and 2002) are considered middle class, compared to 70% of baby boomers (born between 1943 and 1964) when they were in their twenties, according to a recent report published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Much of that is driven by wage inequality, increasing housing prices and the massive amounts of debt that the millennial generation has taken on, the report found.

Not everyone on Twitter took such a pessimistic view of things.

"Move to the main floor of their parents' house," tweeted one user of their retirement plans. At least they won't be living in the basement any longer?

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