You might want to wait until Tuesday to update your iPhone

Key Points
  • Apple's iOS 13.1 will be released on Sept. 24, six days earlier than previously announced.
  • The accelerated release is a major break from previous iOS release schedules.
  • The move comes as several early adopters have complained that iOS 13 contains a lot of bugs.
The iPhone 11 Pro max
Todd Haselton | CNBC

IOS 13, Apple's annual major iPhone software update, was released on Thursday. It has lots of new features, such as dark mode, Apple Arcade, new Apple Maps, a better photos app and more. You might want to hold off updating, however, until Sept. 24, when Apple confirmed it will launch iOS 13.1.

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IOS 13.1 adds more features and should fix some bugs people have found in iOS 13. And it's coming six days earlier than originally planned, the company confirmed to CNBC on Thursday. IOS 13.1 is a relatively minor update, as denoted by its ".1" numbering.

But the accelerated release is a break from previous iOS release schedules. For the past two years, Apple released its big software update in September alongside new iPhone models, and then the ".1" about a month later. The move comes as several early adopters and developers who have been testing beta versions of the software have complained that iOS 13 contains a lot of bugs.

"iOS 13 has felt like a super-messy release, something we haven't seen this bad since iOS 8 or so," Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted earlier this week.

IOS 13.1 also includes many announced features that were not included in the iOS 13 release on Thursday, including the ability to pair two sets of AirPods headphones to the same phone.

Users who want to skip the iOS 13 update can wait until Sept. 24 and go straight to iOS 13.1, Apple confirmed.

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