Forget 'smart' houses: This $24.5 million 'wellness mansion' in Beverly Hills has ergonomic floors and lights that mimic sunrise

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

A $24.5 million home located in Beverly Hills is being touted as, not just a smart house, but a "wellness house," according to Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

The over 10,000-square-foot mansion is tricked out with innovative health features that go way beyond a home gym.

The health-obsessed will appreciate the amenities, including a built-in intelligent home network called Darwin. This system controls the light, air and water throughout the home to enhance your well-being, including your sleep.

For example, Darwin's lighting system is set to mimic the sunrise and sunset to sync with your body's internal clock or circadian rhythm. This allows you to fall asleep and wake up easier. The bathrooms, on the other hand, are outfitted with bright white light to provide an energy boost in the morning.

A purified air system continuously monitors and removes contaminants that may enter the home, like pollen and pollutants. And the water is filtered to get rid of chlorine. (Small amounts of chlorine are safe but some people may be more sensitive to it.)

Even the floors are made with treated wood that's ergonomic and boosts your posture.

These interior details are signature to Delos, a wellness real estate company known for designing health-promoting homes and workplaces. Wellness guru Deepak Chopra and actor Leonardo DiCaprio sit on the company's advisory board.

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Other common features that you might see in a Delos home include "botanical therapy" gardens, which include plants used in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Delos founder Paul Scialla told the New York Times.

Another Delos penthouse in New York City that was listed this month has a shower that dispenses water infused with vitamin C (to filter chlorine and supposedly promote healthy hair and skin).

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

In this wellness mansion, there is a private gym and spa, with a sauna and steam shower. A separate massage area is key for exercisers focusing on muscle recovery.

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

There's also a walk-in Himalayan salt room, which is believed to improve respiratory issues and help with relaxation. Breathing in tiny salt particles may help thin airway mucus, which could relieve allergy symptoms, according to the American Lung Association. (That said, there's not a ton of research on this trend.)

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

The whole point of these healthy elements from Delos is to bring the benefits of the outdoors inside. However, in this home, the 270-degree views of Beverly Hills seen from the wraparound deck, or the fire pit with an amphitheater encourage more time spent outdoors too.

Anthony Barcelo | Douglas Elliman Real Estate

The home has six bedrooms and a den, plus eight bathrooms and a three-car garage (complete with a car turn-table).

It's listed by Marshall Peck of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Kathy Marshall, Aram Afshar and Craig Shapiro of Coldwell Banker.

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