Samsung's $2,000 folding phone will launch in the US on Sept 27 after months of delays

Key Points
  • Samsung's Galaxy Fold will launch Sept. 27 in the United States.
  • It was initially set to release on April 26 but was delayed due to problems that caused the phone to break easily.
  • Samsung says it has fixed issues that caused the screen to damage easily.
Samsung's Galaxy Fold
CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze

Samsung said Monday the Galaxy Fold, the company's first folding phone, will launch in the United States on Sept. 27.

The phone was initially set to launch on April 26 for $2,000, but it was delayed after early tests showed it could easily break.

AT&T will sell the phone, but T-Mobile, which planned to sell the original, will not. It will also be sold unlocked or with an AT&T plan at select Best Buy stores and at Samsung retail locations.

Reviewers, including CNBC, found that the original phone was damaged easily due to exposed parts of the screen that allowed debris to get underneath the display. Reviewers at other news outlets, including Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, accidentally damaged the phone by removing a protective film on the screen that was not supposed to be removed.

Samsung said in July it made several changes, including adding reinforcements to protect the screen from external debris. It extended the top protective layer to make it less likely consumers will accidentally remove it. And it strengthened the screen with protective caps on the edges that were exposed along the hinge.

Samsung's redesigned Galaxy Fold has been on sale in international markets since Sept. 6.

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