Tech, sales and medical jobs have the least competition for remote work opportunities—here's who's hiring

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Remote work is becoming the new normal, thanks to the right mix of employee demand for work-life balance and companies investing in resources that enable a work-from-anywhere arrangement.

Of course, not all jobs lend themselves to a fully remote work experience, and people with certain skill sets may find it easier to make the leap to the flexible working world. A report from teleconferencing company Owl Labs found that the industries with the highest shares of remote workers include health care, technology/internet, financial services, education and manufacturing. By department, remote workers are more likely to be in facilities and operations, IT, customer support, sales and administrative roles.

FlexJobs, a job search engine specializing in remote-work opportunities, analyzed its user database to determine which career categories had the highest number of workers but the fewest opportunities, as well as the areas where there are more opportunities than workers to fill them.

Job seekers hoping to use their backgrounds in administration, data entry, nonprofits and media may face tough competition among many other applicants and a lower number of available openings. Meanwhile, those with skills in STEM, pharmaceuticals, foreign languages and social work may have an easier time using their background to secure a fully remote job.

Based on the career site's 34,000 jobs across 50 job categories, here are the most and least competitive remote jobs on the market.

Most competitive flex job categories


Data entry

Advertising and PR

Art and creative

Environmental and green

  • Common job titles: program director, field energy analyst, consultant and technician
  • Companies hiring: Leidos, ICF, Sodexo

Editing and writing

Government and politics

Nonprofit and philanthropy

Entertainment and media

Travel and hospitality

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Least competitive flex job categories

Computer and IT


  • Common job titles: marketing manager, customer service, account executive
  • Companies hiring: Apple, Salesforce, Zendesk

Medical and health

Math and economics

  • Common job titles: data scientist, data analyst, teacher or online instructor
  • Companies hiring: K12, Kaplan, Pearson



Business development

Internet and e-commerce

  • Common job titles: software engineer, social media specialist, community support associate
  • Companies hiring: Amazon, Wayfair, Groupon


Social work

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