Update your iPhone now to fix all the bugs from last week's big update

Key Points
  • Apple's iOS 13.1 was released on Tuesday.
  • It fixed a lot of the bugs in iOS 13, which was released last week.
  • It also adds a few new features.
iOS 13
Todd Haselton | CNBC

Apple on Tuesday released iOS 13.1, the first update to iOS 13, which was released last week with tons of new features and a few bugs. If you were waiting to update your iPhone to iOS 13, it's now safe to update.

IOS 13.1 delivers a couple of new features that weren't in the iOS 13 release last week, such as support for sharing your ETA with friends and family directly from Apple Maps, new controls in Screen Time that let you limit who your children can communicate with (and when), support for new routers that work with Apple HomeKit and more.

Several people who had early access to iOS 13 complained about various bugs with the new operating system. Apple made the unusual move of pushing up the next release of iOS 13 to address those issues.

You can install iOS 13.1 by doing this:

  • Plug in your iPhone and connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Choose Software Update.

That's it!

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