Barbie manufacturer Mattel unveils 'gender inclusive' line of dolls

Barbie manufacturer Mattel unveils 'gender inclusive' dolls

Barbie manufacturer Mattel has unveiled a collection of "gender inclusive" dolls.

The toy maker launched its "Creatable World" line on Wednesday, which it said aims to make playing with dolls more inclusive by "keeping labels out."

Children are able to customize the dolls' hair, clothes and accessories, "giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable characters again and again," Mattel said on its website.

Each doll comes with a kit that provides more than 100 different looks. Long hair can be switched for short, and kids can choose to dress their doll in pants or a skirt — or mix and match.

Six dolls are available, each with different skin tones and hair colors.

Creatable World dolls will retail for $29.99 on Amazon and in stores.