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CCTV Script 24/09/19


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on September 24, 2019, Tuesday.

On the 71st Emmy Awards which just concluded recently, Game of Thrones was the big win, Fleabag was also under spotlight.

Chief actress of it wins Outstanding Lead Actress, it also gets Outstanding Writing award. This drama-series made by Amazon can be hard to tell from the Game of Thrones made by HBO, It also reflects the booming development of streaming media providers, and Emmy Awards echoes that. Audiences are losing their interest in traditional TV, according to Nelson, this year's Emmy Award ceremony, which is broadcasted by Fox, got an average rating of 1.6% among people who age from 18 to 45 years old, with 6.9 million audiences, these 2 figures are history lows, compared to the same data last year, they lost 33%.

Let's have a look over the Emmy nominations and wins, in this 71st Emmy Award list,

HBO hauled in 34 awards, Netflix earned 27 and Amazon took home 15, as representatives of new streaming media, the last two have surpassed HBO in total.

There are the nominations, heading into the ceremony, HBO had 137 and Netflix had 118. For comparison, NBC had 58 and CBS has 43.

In this 5-year curve chart, we can see that HBO continues to lead, but is flat, while Netflix is clearly growing fast.

Analysts told CNBC that this trend has lasted for many years, a subscription-based content provider can invest more money into content and has more chances to take a risk, catering to the audience preferences. Under this circumstance, original content is important in the competition, Netflix spent about billions of dollars last year on original content, Amazon also paid decent wage to staffs who contribute to original content. New streaming media has boosted Netflix into a tech giant, more and more big companies start to compete in this market that with huge growth potential.

Apple announced to launch its streaming video services at the spring conference and it will produce an original drama-series "The Morning Show"; Disney unveiled streaming media service Disney+ while integrating 21st Century Fox. Both of them offer a fair subscription price.

So, what can foresee now is the competition in this area will be more severe.