TABLE-German EU-harmonized consumer prices rise 0.9% y/y in September

BERLIN, Sept 30 (Reuters) - German consumer prices, harmonized to compare with other European countries, rose by 0.9% on the year and were down 0.1% on the month in September, preliminary data from the Federal Statistics Office showed on Monday. Analysts in a Reuters poll had forecast for harmonized data a yearly rise of 1.0% and expected no change to the previous month. The statistics office gave the following breakdown of unharmonised year-on-year data for September:

INDEX/COMPONENT September August Weighting(basis 2015) 2019 2019 in 1/1000Overall index +1.2 +1.4 1000Goods +0.6 +1.3 468.16Energy -1.1 +0.6 103.83Food +1.3 +2.7 84.87Services +1.8 +1.6 531.84Household rents +1.4 +1.3 207.26

(Berlin Speed Desk)