UPDATE 2-Saudi Arabia increases Asia selling price of its Arab light crude for Nov

for Nov@ (Adds tables) DUBAI, Oct 3 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has set its November Arab light crude oil official selling price to Asia at a premium of $3 to the Oman/Dubai average, up 70 cents a barrel from October, according to a statement from state oil company Saudi Aramco on Thursday. Aramco lowered its selling price for Arab light crude oil to Northwestern Europe to a discount of $2.85 a barrel to ICE Brent settlement, down $1.60 a barrel from the previous month. Saudi Arabia kept its November Arab light crude oil official selling price to the United States at plus $2.95 versus ASCI, unchanged from October. Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia was expected to hike its prices for all crude grades it sells to Asia in November after an attack on its oil facilities led to a spike in Middle East benchmarks last month, industry sources said. The strike against key Saudi oil processing facilities on Sept. 14 caused the kingdom's output of Arab Light and Arab Extra Light to fall by half, or 5.7 million barrels per day. The disruption forced Aramco to draw down inventories, switch grades, delay loadings and cut domestic refinery throughput to meet supply commitments to customers.

Below are a tables for November prices in U.S. dollars


Nov OCT CHANGEEXTRA LIGHT +4.50 +4.50 0.00LIGHT +2.95 +2.95 0.00MEDIUM +1.35 +1.35 0.00HEAVY +0.60 +0.60 0.00

Prices at Ras Tanura destined for Northwest Europe are set against ICE Brent:


NOV OCT CHANGEEXTRA LIGHT -0.40 +1.10 -1.50LIGHT -2.85 -1.25 -1.60MEDIUM -5.20 -3.80 -1.40HEAVY -7.20 -5.95 -1.25

Saudi term crude supplies to Asia are priced as a differential to the Oman/Dubai average:


NOV OCT CHANGESUPER LIGHT +4.35 +4.15 +0.20EXTRA LIGHT +3.60 +2.90 +0.70LIGHT +3.00 +2.30 +0.70MEDIUM +2.35 +1.65 +0.70HEAVY +0.95 +0.35 +0.60

Prices at Ras Tanura for Saudi oil destined for the Mediterranean are set against the ICE Brent:


NOV OCT CHANGEEXTRA LIGHT +1.05 +2.05 -1.00LIGHT -1.70 -0.10 -1.60MEDIUM -4.20 -2.55 -1.65HEAVY -6.05 -4.35 -1.70

(Reporting by Tuqa Khaled, Dahlia Nehme and Florence Tan; Editing by Deepa Babington and Mark Potter)