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CCTV Script 04/10/19

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on October 4, 2019, Friday.

Vaping issue has become a concern to some U.S. federal departments, but related lung sickness is still not under effective control. It is a very concerning outbreak now, according to CDC officials. Based on the latest data released by this institution,

Over the last week, 275 new cases was identified, total number is above 1000, with 1080 probably cases, which are across 48 states and the U.S. Virgin Island. The number of confirmed fatalities jumped from 12 last week to 18 this week, who are from 15 different states. Currently, the fatalities that we are seeing tend to be a bit older, the median age among the deceased is close to 50 while the median age among all patients is 23.

What concerned the CDC officials more is there is no signs of abating, so we can't say now is the summit of the vaping illness, and doctors still don't know what is making people sick.

Of the 578 cases where doctors know what patients were using, 17% said they exclusively used nicotine, while 78% of them said they vaped THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. To some extent, that make it harder to find out what causes vaping illness. Consumers should stop vaping, particularly THC and especially anything bought off the street, Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC's principle deputy director said.

What's more, Federal Trade Commission is looking into e-cigarette marketing practices.

FTC has ordered 6 e-cigarette companies, including JUUL, to turn over reams of data of marketing, ad, social media campaigns etc., to see how they promote their merchandise to the youth. While the orders are just orders, rather than subpoenas, but compliance is obligatory, or the companies could face court action.

Recently, JUUL has stopped its advertising and changed CEO, in order to deal with this crisis. But when vaping illness is still not under effective control and threatens health, e-cigarette companies, the U.S. community remains highly wary of e-cigarette companies.