These are the jobs with the fastest-growing wages—and online shopping is giving them a boost

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Jobs tied to the holiday shopping season are seeing some of the fastest-growing wages in the country, according to Glassdoor's latest job market report. Warehouse associates saw a 6.3% boost in pay year over year in September, and those workers earned a median of $42,864.

The career site analyzed wages for workers in September 2019 compared to September 2018 for the report.

Wages for people who work as retail key holders and truck drivers also ticked up, driven by a tight labor market that has resulted in retailers upping the ante to attract workers ahead of the busiest shopping period of the year. Retail key holders are generally in charge of opening and closing the store, as well as overseeing operations when a manager isn't present.

The increased pay for these jobs reflects not only seasonal consumer trends, but also the changing nature of retail as a whole.

"Warehouse associates and truck drivers' pay increasing has a lot to do with the growth in e-commerce and how retail spending is shifting online," Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao told CNBC Make It. "But at the same time, you're seeing retail key holders see strong pay growth, which indicates even for traditional retailers and brick-and-mortar shops, they're seeing those labor shortages, which is pressuring them to increase wages."

Retailers like Amazon, Target, UPS and Kohl's publicized better pay and benefits as part of their holiday hiring efforts in recent months.

Another job with outsized wage growth in September: construction laborers, whose median base pay increased by 6.2% in the last year to $42,519.

Despite constantly fluctuating indicators around real estate, "one thing that has been fairly consistent is that businesses have reported it's hard to find qualified and experienced workers in construction," Zhao said. "That's why you see job openings are so high in our data, as well as pay increasing by 6.2%. That's a large increase for workers and really speaks to how even though the top line indicators for the industry are kind of volatile, it does seem like the shortage of workers is boosting the labor market for the industry."

The only health care position to see higher pay is for pharmacy technicians, which Zhao predicted will continue as the share of the aging population and the health care sector grow. Pharmacy technicians generally require training in a two-year associates program.

An increase in pay among these lower-wage jobs may be a contributing factor as to why workers earning $60,000 or less are changing jobs at record rates, according to a recent survey from the New York Fed.

Here are the top 10 jobs that saw the biggest gains in wages in the last year — and what they earn, according to Glassdoor data.

1. Warehouse associate

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Sample job responsibilities: inbound processing, scanning orders, shipping and receiving, data entry, inventory control

Median base pay: $42,864

Year-over-year growth: 6.3%

Companies hiring for the role: UPS, Amazon, The Home Depot

2. Construction laborer

Sample job responsibilities: prepare work site, operate jackhammers and drills, tend to machines, assist in build

Median base pay: $42,519

Year-over-year growth: 6.2%

Companies hiring for the role: PeopleReady, McDermott

3. Maintenance technician

Sample job responsibilities: ensure efficient operation of building, machinery and mechanical equipment; remove and replace defective parts

Median base pay: $46,290

Year-over-year growth: 6.0%

Companies hiring for the role: Daisy Brand, Cascade Management, Lincoln Industries

4. Security officer

Sample job responsibilities: conduct safety inspections, respond to code-designated incidents and other emergencies

Median base pay: $36,281

Year-over-year growth: 5.2%

Companies hiring for the role: Transportation Security Administration, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

5. Retail key holder

Sample job responsibilities: provide proactive sales assistance and support, work with store management team

Median base pay: $30,457

Year-over-year growth: 4.4%

Companies hiring for the role: L'Oreal USA, Amazon, Land's End

6. Truck driver

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Sample job responsibilities: driving a tractor-trailer for the over-the-road delivery of freight, carry out daily equipment inspections

Median base pay: $56,685

Year-over-year growth: 4.1%

Companies hiring for the role: JD Irving, DHL, Sysco

7. Field engineer

Sample job responsibilities: complete new instrument installations, instrument upgrades, maintenance, repairs, application troubleshooting

Median base pay: $72,103

Year-over-year growth: 4.1%

Companies hiring for the role: 3M, GE Healthcare, Eastman Kodak

8. Web developer

Sample job responsibilities: support software algorithm development, architecture, design, coding, analysis, testing/verification, data collection

Median base pay: $68,716

Year-over-year growth: 4.0%

Companies hiring for the role: Adobe, Boeing, Experian

9. Sales manager

Sample job responsibilities: build and lead teams, maximize revenue, expand markets, generate new business

Median base pay: $65,553

Year-over-year growth: 3.9%

Companies hiring for the role: Yelp, Gannett, Regal Entertainment Group

10. Pharmacy technician

Sample job responsibilities: aid in filling, processing and dispensing medications

Median base pay: $32,909

Year-over-year growth: 3.9%

Companies hiring for the role: Walmart, Express Scripts

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