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Mark Cuban gave out his cell number for anyone to pitch him — here's what he says about the texts he's received

Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban
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Billionaire Mark Cuban may not like meetings or phone calls, but he is open to receiving a text.

"Not every entrepreneur, not every business-person wants to put themselves out there. But I will," Cuban said to Ryan Seacrest on podcast "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" on Thursday. "I'm gonna give you my phone number. I'll let people text me."

Cuban encouraged anyone to text him, whether it be to pitch him or to discuss "Shark Tank," his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks, or anything else.

"I'm not gonna pick it up but ... I'll try to answer 20-30 a day. You can text me. I think being accessible, being available, that's important."

After revealing his phone number (one given to him via a celebrity texting start-up called Community), Cuban received a ton of messages.

"I've gotten a lot. Far too many to count! I'll reply to any I can add value to," Cuban told CNBC Make It. "Nothing has really stood out so far. But, all it takes is one."

Cuban has a history of responding to cold pitches. In 2012, then-25-year-old Adam Lyons, founder of insurance comparison start-up The Zebra, guessed Cuban's email address and cold-emailed Cuban, pitching him on investing in the company.

Lyons sent Cuban a short email with the subject line: "Wanna disrupt the insurance industry?"

Cuban responded 25 minutes later, which was the start to several weeks of emailing back and forth. Without ever meeting in person or talking on the phone, Cuban made an investment in The Zebra.

Since launching in 2012, The Zebra has raised $63 million.

Disclosure: CNBC owns the exclusive off-network cable rights to "Shark Tank." This story has been updated to include that Cuban used a phone number obtained via a celebrity texting start-up. 

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