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Fancy a restless night this Halloween? Here's some of the world's spookiest spots

The Addams Family Mansion

Fancy upping your Halloween game this year? If donning your scariest costume just isn't enough of a thrill, then here are some of the best places with ghoulish histories and scary stories to guarantee any visitor a terrible night's sleep.

From a more family-friendly stay in The Addams Family Mansion to trips for paranormal thrill-seekers, CNBC takes a nervous peek at what's on offer.

The Addams Family Mansion – Brooklyn, New York, US

The Addams Family Mansion

In honor of "The Addams Family" animated film coming to cinemas, is offering guests the chance to stay in a replica of the family's iconic home.

The three-bedroom 19th century townhouse is located in the historic Brooklyn neighborhood of Clinton Hill, in New York.

Guests will be able to "tinker with machines in Pugsley's Room, play with Wednesday's beheaded doll in the living room, and even care for some of Morticia's carnivorous plants," complete with spooky snacks and a screening of the new film.

Overnight stays for the entire mansion start at $101.10 and run from October 29 to November 1. Booking opened at midday local time on October 28.

Ottawa Jail Hostel – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa Jail Hostel

For those looking for a more chilling experience, there is Ottawa Jail Hostel, a former prison that has been converted into a hostel in Canada's capital city.

Some say the facility is still home to its former inmates, with ghostly screams and mysterious noises a common occurrence.

Guests can even stay in their own solitary confinement cell, to get the authentic inmate experience and visit death row with free daily jail tours.

Prices start from around $20 a night but fluctuate depending on the season.

Tulloch Castle Hotel – Dingwall, Scotland, UK

Tulloch Castle

The Green Lady of Tulloch is said to stalk the halls of this 12th century castle in the Scottish Highlands. Tulloch Castle Hotel was also used as a makeshift hospital after the evacuation of Dunkirk, in 1940 during World War II. Guests can relive some of the haunted history of the castle with ghost tours.

Rooms are decorated with period features and the hotel's restaurant serves traditional Scottish food made from local produce. Rooms start at around $100 a night but prices vary depending on the time of year.

1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas, US

Crescent Hotel & Spa

This mountaintop hotel and spa has featured on TV program "Ghost Hunters" and is known as "America's Most Haunted Hotel". 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa was originally opened as a luxury resort at the end of the 19th century, then becoming a college and conservatory for young women.

In 1937, it was used as a hospital and health clinic, run by a man called Norman Baker, who was said to be fraud without any medical training and was arrested in 1939, according to the hotel's website.

Upon buying the hotel with his wife in 1997 and realizing it was haunted, Marty Roenigk hired two mediums to read the paranormal activity in the building. Their findings became the basis for the hotel's nightly ghost tours, on which guests have had paranormal experiences on the same spot, directly above Norman Baker's morgue.

As well as Baker's former patients, the ghost of stonemason who fell to his death during construction of building and the hotel cat, are said be "permanent residents" of the resort.

Prices per room start at around $180 per night.

Cisco Post Office - Cisco, Utah, US

Cisco Post Office

Airbnb is offering daring guests the chance to stay in a range of haunted hot spots for $31 a night between November 1 and November 3.

One of its spirited stays is Cisco Post Office, located in a deserted town once known as the richest in America. It was home to Charles Steen, who made and lost his fortune after discovering uranium in the 1950s, supplying the US in the Cold War.

After the decline of the uranium market, Cisco was left almost vacant, though it was rumored Steen never left the eerie town and now haunts the desolate land in search of more uranium.

Gettysburg Historic Lookout House – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US

Gettysburg Historic Lookout House

Another stay on Airbnb's list is this historic property, which hosted Confederate forces on the way to the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. Guests have reportedly seen a man in uniform with his arms crossed standing in the corner, as well as hearing footsteps walk down the attic stairs which is currently "unoccupied."

Its host claims the space is still inhabited by the ghost of the original home owner and confederate soldier, Henry Gaugher. Visitors also recount hearing women giggling in the hallways and seeing their turn of the century dresses swishing by.

Rensow Manor Retreat – Rensow, Germany

Rensow Manor Retreat

Another on the list is an ancient abode in a remote part of Northern Germany, thought to be occupied by the ghosts of the Slavic gods that once worshiped in the area.

Its host and owner, a Danish countess, has decorated the house with 17th century furniture and with many rooms lit only by candlelight, a spooky atmosphere is guaranteed.