Fund investors continue largest retreat from U.S. stocks since Dec '18

the Investment Company Institute.

NEW YORK, Oct 30 (Reuters) - Investors continued their retreat from the U.S. stock market by pulling nearly $4.7 billion from mutual funds and exchange traded funds that hold domestic stocks last week, according to data released Wednesday Last week's withdrawals marked the fourth time over the last five weeks that investors have pulled money from U.S. stock funds, the longest sustained selling streak since the benchmark S&P 500 nearly fell into a bear market in December of last year. Concerns over the impact of the U.S.-Chinese trade war on the global economy and the possibility that the Federal Reserve will end its equity-friendly interest rate cutting policy have weighed on investor sentiment, keeping the S&P 500 trading within a relatively narrow range. The index notched a record high Monday on the strength of better-than-expected corporate earnings yet fell Tuesday. The index was down slightly in early trading on Wednesday. For the year to date, investors have withdrawn slightly more than $115 billion from domestic stock funds. Fixed income funds, meanwhile, drew in nearly $10.5 billion in new money as investors sought the perceived safety of bonds. For the year to date, the category has swelled with slightly more than $354 billion in new inflows. World stock funds, meanwhile, lost $967 million, leaving the category with seven straight weeks of outflows. For the year to date, investors have pulled nearly $43.1 billion from the category.

The following is a broad breakdown of the flows for the week, including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds in millions of dollars:

10/23/201 10/16/201 10/9/201 10/2/201 9/25/201

9 9 9 9 9Equity -5,656 754 -11,514 -13,431 -15,772Domesti -4,689 2,698 -10,868 -11,748 -13,957


World -967 -1,944 -646 -1,682 -1,815Hybrid -168 -391 -688 -1,147 -1,918Bond 10,469 10,473 5,810 8,418 6,864Taxable 8,275 8,786 3,856 6,803 4,587Municip 2,194 1,687 1,954 1,615 2,278


Commodity 222 -151 425 489 2,356Total 4,868 10,685 -5,967 -5,670 -8,470

(Reporting by David Randall; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)