See inside 9 over-the-top closets, including one that's three levels and has its own champagne bar

See inside 9 over-the-top closets

Get ready for some serious closet envy. From a closet that's as big as house to a closet custom made to hold over $100,000 worth of unworn Air Jordan sneakers, these are some of the most over the top closets in the world.

3,000-square foot closet inspired by Neiman Marcus

In Houston, Texas, entrepreneur Theresa Roemer designed her "she cave" closet "to look like you were walking into a little miniature Neiman Marcus boutique," she tells CNBC.


Roemer's closet is three stories and 3,000 square feet. There's a floating staircase in the middle, and Roemer loves champagne so much, she put a bar in the closet.

"It cost me about $500,000 to do the closet," Roemer tells CNBC. "That was my budget [to decorate] the house, and I spent that on just the closet."

Theresa Roemer's Houston closet has a champagne bar on the second level.
Theresa Roemer

The first floor of Roemer's closet is wall-to-wall handbags. The second level is for shoes, including more than $200,000 worth of of Christian Louboutins, according to Roemer. The third level is devoted to Roemer's collection of fur coats worth half a million dollars, she says.

Air Jordans-only closet

The owner of the $19 million South Florida mega-mansion that houses this closet calls it the "Air Jordan room," because it holds a collection of never worn Air Jordan sneakers worth over $100,000.

Douglas Elliman

"[The owner] has a completely different closet for the shoes he wears everyday," says real estate agent Senada Adzem.

Closet inspired by Chanel

The Air Jordan room isn't the only amazing closet in that South Florida mansion — that's just the "his" closet. The "hers" closet is just as impressive and was inspired by a Chanel boutique.

Douglas Elliman

"You know you've made it when you have a ladder in your own closet," broker Adzem tells CNBC.

St. Moritz Closet

A massive St. Moritz house that was once the most expensive home for sale in Switzerland has a pretty impressive master closet.

The deceiving exterior of a St. Moritz home that has seven levels, most of them hidden underground.
Source: Senada Adzem

The walk-in is in the master suite.

Master bedroom
Source: Senada Adzem

A wall slides open to reveal a closet with walls painted in 24-karat gold.

Douglas Elliman

The 'king' of closets

Notorious poker player and social media star Dan Bilzerian — the self-proclaimed "King of Instagram" — transformed the master closet of his 31,000-square-foot Bel Air, California mansion into a showroom for his six-figure bong collection.


It's filled with hand-blown glass pipes, some of which cost as much as a car.


Fun fact: Before it was a bong room, it was actually home to his partially paralyzed cat, Slitherpuss.

Hollywood Hills closet with a view

The largest home in the Hollywood Hills is this $43.9 million mansion.

The over 20,000 sq. ft. residence unfolds over 3 levels.
The Agency

Inside the 2,800-square-foot master suite is a massive walk-in closet.

Walk-in master closet designed and imported from Italy.
The Agency

"This huge closet [was] imported from Lake Como in Italy," says luxury broker David Parnes. "Even your clothes have a crazy view!"

Mohamed Hadid's closet

This $50 million mega-mansion in Beverly Hills was the childhood home of Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Hadid House
Coldwell Banker / The Agency

Their father, Mohamed Hadid, has a master closet that looks like a small department store with sections for his entire wardrobe — from sweaters and dress shirts to shoes and watches.


The closet that Patron tequila built

This mega-mansion on "Billionaire's Row" in Manalapan, Florida, was once owned by the former CEO of Patron, Ed Brown, and his wife, Ashley.

Source: Andy Frame Photography

Before they sold it, Ashley gave CNBC a tour of her 1,500 square foot closet with cool lighting and shelves overflowing with clothes and designer heels.


Celine Dion's closet

On Jupiter Island, Florida is the diva-sized closet Celine Dion built.

One wing of the closet can fit 586 pairs of shoes.


There's also an area for gowns...


... and a "deep closet," that looks like a dry cleaner store.


A wall of drawers in the closet double as a safe and housed the pop diva's jewelry collection. The only way inside: the touch of Celine's fingerprint.

The home sold for $28 million in 2017.

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