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@Work People + Machines Summit SF | Full event panels

Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO, right, speaking with CNBC's Diedre Bosa at CNBC's @Work conference in San Francisco on November 4, 2019.
Source: CNBC
Key Points
  • CNBC’s @Work People + Machines Summit took place in San Francisco on November 4, 2019.
  • Speakers included Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston, SAS founder Jim Goodnight, Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson, former principal deputy director of national intelligence Sue Gordon, Uber chief trust and security officer Matt Olsen, former Google exec and author of "The Big Disruption" Jessica Powell and more.
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Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are leading to big changes in the workforce of tomorrow. CNBC's @Work is a three-part event series that examines the impact of new technology on three interrelated disciplines — human resources, IT and finance.

This edition of CNBC's @Work series examines the human-machine interface, how to balance the needs of today with the possibilities of tomorrow, and the winning strategies of best-in-class companies.

Watch the full sessions to discover how leaders are re-imagining the employee workplace experience.

Kaiser Permanente's Bernard Tyson on managing a multi-billion dollar digital transformation at CNBC @Work Summit

Leadership @ Work:
Kaiser Permanente employs hundreds of thousands and treats millions. As they transition to their new headquarters in the Bay Area, they're also in the midst of a massive and complex digital transformation. Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson sits down with Jon Fortt at the CNBC @Work Summit in San Francisco to explore how his workforce will need to change to adapt to and leverage new technologies.

How satisfied is the workforce, really? With SurveyMonkey's Jon Cohen

Happiness @ Work:
How happy are your employees in their jobs? What are their hopes for (and fears about) the future? SurveyMonkey's Jon Cohen and Tyler Mathisen discuss the latest data from our Workplace Happiness Survey.

Making tech great with Jessica Powell and Owl Capital Group's Jennifer Fonstad

Mission @ Work:
Walkouts, privacy scandals, ethically dubious business deals, bloated valuations and bro-culture. Suffice it to say that the tech industry has suffered some bad PR lately. With the threat of regulation looming and a restive workforce, how does the tech industry regain its reputation as a beacon for how great work gets done? Owl Capital Group's Jennifer Fonstad and "The Big Disruption" author and former Google exec Jessica Powell explore this on a panel with Deirdre Bosa.

From San Quentin to Silicon Valley: The last mile is finding new workers in prisons — @Work Summit

Justice @ Work:
By 2020 a million tech jobs in the U.S. will go unfilled. But one organization is finding new workers in unlikely places: prisons. Is teaching convicts to code part of the answer to address a shortage that threatens to slow future industry growth? The Last Mile founding member and returned citizen Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal and managing partner Chris Redlitz sit down with Tyler Mathisen.

Separating the signal from the noise with Snowflake CEO and Livongo founder

Data @ Work:
Talking artificial intelligence and machine learning is one thing. But for many companies, true AI and ML are still more about potential rather than practical application. Jon Fortt sits down with Snowflake chairman and CEO Frank Slootman and Livongo founder and chairman Glen Tullman to talk about getting data out of narrow silos and into the hands of more employees and consumers.

SAS Co-Founder Jim Goodnight on Evolving Technology and Workforce at CNBC @Work Summit

Talent @ Work
Transformative new technologies require transformed teams. How can organizations develop a dynamic and nimble workforce that can not only adapt to, but also drive and leverage innovation? "The Godfather of Data Analytics" and co-founder of SAS Jim Goodnight sits down with Deirdre Bosa.

FBI's Sanjay Virmani talking cyber threats at CNBC @Work Summit

Security @ Work
Assistant special agent in charge of cyber at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Sanjay Virmani presents at the CNBC @Work Summit on insider threats and how to spot them at your organizations.

Insider Threats and How to Spot Them at CNBC @Work Summit

Security @ Work
We know about cyberthreats coming from abroad, whether they be nation-states or organized criminals. But as recent events have proved, sometimes the threat is as close as the next cubicle over. How should organizations balance the need to provide more access to more people, with the possibility that one person can create havoc? How is that person identified before it's too late, and how is any possible damage mitigated? Former principal deputy director of national intelligence Sue Gordon and Uber chief trust and security officer Matt Olsen sit down with The Cipher Brief's Suzanne Kelly.

Dropbox co-founder at the CNBC @Work Summit talking better tech

Productivity @ Work:
We have better and better tools, but expected productivity gains have not been realized. In fact, many feel that the myriad powerful technologies we use every day only make our working lives more difficult. What's gone wrong, and how do we fix it? Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston joins Deirdre Bosa for an exclusive one-on-one.

For more on tech, transformation and the future of work, join CNBC at the @Work Summit in San Francisco on April 1, 2020.

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