These are the top-rated companies with the best benefits for veterans

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Veterans make up a crucial portion of the U.S. population and labor force. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics point to 19.2 million men and women across the country who were veterans in 2018, accounting for about 8% of the adult population.

But going from military to civilian life isn't always seamless for the nearly 200,000 service members who make the transition every year. Veterans still face disadvantages when applying for jobs after returning home, despite being more educated, experienced and loyal than their civilian peers, according to a Veteran Opportunity Report from LinkedIn.

However, some companies lead the pack in their outreach to employ and advance veterans in their post-military careers. Online job engine Indeed analyzed over 200 million employee reviews on its site to find the top-rated companies that provide the best jobs and benefits for veterans.

Keller Williams Realty took the top spot for the second year in a row, thanks in part to its overall praise for workplace culture and commitment to work-life balance. The real estate company actively recruits veterans and has a dedicated application page that outlines the entrepreneurial and leadership qualities that former service members often bring to the workplace. Employee reviews also highlight the company's commitment to training and opportunities for advancement.

While Keller Williams Realty, which has 700 global offices, takes the No. 1 spot, other top-rated employers tend to fall into government and defense industries.

This isn't surprising, considering the sectors that tend to employ more veterans include defense and space, utilities and government administration, according to the LinkedIn report. Veterans are most likely to have college degrees that focus on computer and information systems security, organizational leadership, criminal justice, police science and human resources.

Veterans who join the second-ranked Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may be well suited to become special agents. Applicants generally have to be younger than age 37 to become a special agent, but preference-eligible veterans can join after the age cut-off, though every agent must have a bachelor's degree. Training kicks off at the FBI Academy with tests in physical fitness, defensive tactics, practical application exercises and use of firearms.

Rounding out the top three, global defense contractor Northrop Grumman says 20% of its workforce is veterans. The company has dedicated recruiting programs such as Hiring Our Heroes, and veterans with previous military clearance have an advantage in working and advancing within the company.

Here are the top companies that promote veteran careers through jobs, pay, benefits and opportunity.

10. Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Industry: Internet and software

Job openings: 3,661

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Field engineer: $122,708
  • Data analyst: $103,578
  • Strategy manager: $128,598

What people are saying: "Microsoft is the top company for new IT approach and services in the Cloud. Very demanding but with an open environment where people can participate and provide ideas to improve the services that MS offers."

9. Internal Revenue Service

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Industry: Government

Job openings: 5

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Information technology specialist: $97,967
  • Business analyst: $106,700
  • Group manager: $103,962

What people are saying: "Our workplace culture is excellent. Both management, as well as my peers, foster a sense of teamwork and cooperation to assist each other and grow within the organization. They consistently promote career development and advancement within the organization."

8. Kaiser Permanente

Headquarters: Oakland, California

Industry: Health care

Job openings: 3,620

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Registered nurse: $93,669
  • Assistant administrator: $107,098
  • X-ray technician: $83,120

What people are saying: "Working for Kaiser Permanente is extremely rewarding. Knowing that your contributions are patient focused and changes the lives of thousands each and every day is everything you want while working in the health-care field."

7. Lockheed Martin

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland

Industry: Aerospace and defense

Job openings: 5,775

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Quality assurance analyst: $122,350
  • Network technician: $101,000
  • Business development manager: $119,643

What people are saying: "Lots of company pride and interest in the mission of the program I was working on. Co-workers habitually go out of their way to help each other out."

6. Raytheon

Headquarters: Waltham, Massachussetts

Industry: Aerospace and defense

Job openings: 3,747

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • System engineer: $107,340
  • Manager: $113,598
  • Senior field engineer: $105,302

What people are saying: "They love their engineers here! It doesn't matter what kind of leadership experience you bring to the table. If you're an engineer and want to be management, you'll get it."

5. Capital One

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

Industry: Banks and financial services

Job openings: 1,403

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Software engineer: $151,294
  • Business manager: $129,726
  • Senior risk analyst: $70,495

What people are saying: "It was a great place to work, the culture was great, the leadership team was awesome. Everyone is so nice. Competitive compensation and benefits. Your opinion matters."

4. H-E-B

Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Industry: Retail

Job openings: 1,038

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Team leader: $49,035
  • Loss prevention officer: $69,545
  • Development operations engineer: $103,694

What people are saying: "H-E-B offers competitive pay and a great work environment. Management cares about its employees and does a great job at training employees, also coaches employees to help them reach their full potential."

3. Northrop Grumman

Headquarters: Falls Church, Virginia

Industry: Aerospace and defense

Job openings: 5,199

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Software engineer: $96,233
  • Cost analyst: $109,163
  • Contract administrator: $152,675

What people are saying: "Great company culture and benefits for the employees. The company offers many opportunities to grow within the company. They also provide financial assistance to further your education."

2. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Headquarters: Washington, DC

Industry: Government

Job openings: 52

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Intelligence analyst: $123,579
  • Special agent: $112,506
  • Security specialist: $83,790

What people are saying: "I would recommend the FBI to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and serve their country at the same time. The FBI is a very fulfilling career. Be prepared to work anywhere they send you."

1. Keller Williams Realty

Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Industry: Real estate

Job openings: 692

Popular jobs and average pay:

  • Real estate agent, $57,408
  • Team leader: $104,050
  • Sales representative: $101,561

What people are saying: "Education is the fundamental benefit of working here, as Keller Williams does a better job at education and motivation than any other agency. They teach veterans how to run companies and teams, to the benefit of all participants."

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