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WWE star John Cena's morning routine includes reflection, journaling and tweeting positive affirmations

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If you're one of the 11.8 million people who follow John Cena on Twitter, you're probably aware of the daily musings and inspirational quotes that he shares.

"Being inspired by others is a helpful way to find yourself. Wanting to be others is a helpful way to lose yourself," he tweeted on Wednesday.

"If you never take a chance, you may never fail, but you also may never succeed in anything expect staying right where you are," was Thursday's wisdom.

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Those tweets are actually part of Cena's morning routine, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star and actor told Delta Sky magazine. Each morning, he takes an hour to reflect, think and journal, he said, and that quiet time is when he often thinks of what to post.

"Two years ago, I openly decided that I would use Twitter for a little bit of self-promotion and then as a journal," he told the magazine. "[I'm] trying to tip the balance of the social platform a little bit more toward the positive."

"Ask the difficult questions, start the difficult conversations, do the difficult work. With empathy, effort, patience, and persistence...impossible can become reality," was another recent tweet.

What else is in his routine? In 2018 Cena said his mornings include a healthy breakfast — usually one of two meals, he told Vanity Fair: either a protein shake with milk, water and two scoops of protein, or scrambled eggs with Swiss cheese, bacon and sauteed veggies.

"I don't mean to be Warren Buffett, it's not like I'm spending $2.73 or $3.13," he joked. (Buffett famously orders the same McDonald's breakfast for under $3.17 each day.)

Cena also told Vanity Fair that post-breakfast he does his first workout of the day or if he doesn't go to the gym, he'll use the morning to study Mandarin or practice piano.

"I'm not very good, but I get better every day," he told Vanity Fair about his piano skills last year. "It's very important to me because it keeps my mind sharp but also music comes out, and that's very soothing to the savage beast."

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