Michael Lewis wants to watch Trump tweet: 'I don't know if he wants me in his bedroom'

Key Points
  • "The Big Short" author Michael Lewis tells CNBC he would like to write an in-depth profile of Donald Trump, similar to his story on Barack Obama.
  • Lewis says he would want the reporting to include moments where Trump is tweeting or calling into Fox News.
  • "The nature of his presidency is so different, you want a different kind of access," Lewis says.
M. Lewis wants to watch Trump tweeting: Don't know if he wants me in his bedroom

Michael Lewis, who wrote an in-depth profile of Barack Obama's time in the White House, told CNBC on Tuesday that he would love to write a similar story on President Donald Trump.

But the author of best-selling books, including "The Big Short" and "Moneyball," isn't expecting a call.

"If Donald Trump would invite me in, the way Barack Obama invited me in to spend some time with him, I would love to write that piece," Lewis said on "Squawk on the Street." I think it's unlikely but you never know."

Lewis' narrative profile of Obama ran in the October 2012 issue of Vanity Fair. Titled "Obama's Way," Lewis was granted six months of exclusive access to Obama, on foreign trips and the basketball court, which provided an intimate look at his first-term as president.

"I got a Secret Service pin on my lapel that identified me as a member of the staff, and could stand right next to him. I traveled with them everywhere — Cartagena, Colombia, you name it — and anytime there was a free 30 minutes, Obama came and grabbed me to talk," Lewis told CNBC in 2012.

But to try and provide an equally revealing look at Trump's time as commander-in-chief, Lewis said the reporting process would need to look quite a bit different.

"With Obama, you want to be there when you might imagine you want to be there. There were a lot of official moments," Lewis, a former bond salesman, said. "With Trump, you want to be there in the morning when he got up and picked up his phone. Or when he went to bed at night watching television or when he calls into Fox News."

"The nature of his presidency is so different, you want a different kind of access," Lewis continued. "And I don't know if he wants me in his bedroom."

Lewis' most recent book, "The Fifth Risk," is about the Trump administration. Published in 2018 and recently released in paperback, the books is, basically, about the inner workings of government bureaucracy — "a love letter to underappreciated people," the Washington Post wrote.

Its genesis was the rocky transition period from Trump's electoral victory in November 2016 to his January 2017 inauguration.

While reporting the book, Lewis said, "I found when you go into the government and actually start knocking on the doors and see what people are doing behind them, it's unbelievably interesting."

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