You could spend $52,199 on Apple's newest computer before you even add a screen

Key Points
  • The Mac Pro is now available to buy and will be delivered early next week.
  • It starts at $5,999 but costs as much as $52,199 if you fully upgrade it.
  • That's before you even buy a screen. But Apple has a $4,999 one it'll sell you.
Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the new Mac Pro.
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Apple's newest desktop computer, the Mac Pro, is available now. It starts at $5,999 but if you want to fully upgrade it, you'll spend $52,199.

And that's before you even get a screen.

It costs an additional $10,000 to upgrade the standard processor to the most-power 28-core option, which is required for the $25,000 1.5 TB memory upgrade. You'll spend $10,800 upgrading the graphics, another $1,400 for 4 TB of storage (an 8 TB option is coming soon, so expect to pay even more) and $2,000 for an Apple Afterburner card.

Todd Haselton | CNBC

That puts you at $52,199, but you can spend another $400 on wheels instead of feet at the bottom so you can move it around. You can also spend another $150 for the Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Trackpad if you don't want to use the included mouse.

If you want the fancy 32-inch Retina 6K Pro Display XDR screen that Apple sells for the Mac Pro, expect to pay another $4,999, and that's before the optional $999 Pro stand. (And you'll need the stand unless you want to prop up your new $5,000 monitor against a wall or something.)

If all this sounds insane, don't worry. The Mac Pro isn't a computer for regular users. Instead, it's meant for video, audio and photography professionals who want as much power as possible from an Apple computer. Think Pixar animators, not casual web browsers and emailers. If you're in that market, you can buy the Mac Pro now with delivery as soon as next week.

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CORRECTION: This story has been updated to show that it costs an additional $10,000 for the $25,000 1.5 TB memory upgrade. Also, the story was corrected to reflect that it is a 32-inch Retina 6K Pro Display XDR screen.

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