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Mark Cuban on why this Shark is his favorite 'Shark Tank' co-star

Mark Cuban
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"Shark Tank" investor Mark Cuban revealed he has a favorite Shark: Barbara Corcoran.

"I tell you all the time," Cuban said to Corcoran on her "888-Barbara" podcast on Nov. 19. "Why do I tell you you're my favorite Shark? What do I tell you that you're really good at, better than all the Sharks?"

According to Cuban, Corcoran has an ability that he wishes he had.

"Barbara's got the best people skills," he said.

"Her ability to recognize the good and bad in somebody and what they'll be like as an entrepreneur, what they'll be like as a person. Are they kind? Compassionate? Willing to work with their backs against the wall?

"Barbara picks up on that stuff in a minute."

Those talents he admires in Corcoran are extremely important for success, he said.

"Are they learners? Are they workers? Will they admit their wrong and adjust? You've got to be very agile in business. You've got to be very adaptive in business. It's not just one way or the highway."

Unlike Corcoran, Cuban says he pays more attention to the details of the businesses pitched on "Shark Tank," rather than the entrepreneurs.

"I look at the numbers. I look at the business," Cuban said. "I try to drill down, and then the arrogant part of me says 'Well, I can fix that.'

"In your case," he told Corcoran, "you're like 'That's a character flaw... and I just don't trust that, so I can't do business with you.'"

It leaves Cuban asking, "Why didn't I see that?" he said. 

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