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5 gifts under $40 that are perfect for any New Year's Eve host

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Bringing in the new year with the ones you love is always a great time.

Whether you're planning to stop by one New Year's Eve party or several, you'll want to bring a small token of appreciation for the friend or family member who's stepped up to the plate to host the celebration.

While finding a perfect gift can be difficult, CNBC Make It has you covered with the below items that are appropriate for any host.

Each of these gifts is under $40, and many of them can be used far beyond a New Year's Eve celebration.

1. A guide book for hosting festive gatherings

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Even if your friends are pros at hosting celebrations, they may still be open to receiving additional tips on how to throw the perfect event. This modern guide book will provide them with insight on delicious recipes and entertainment ideas that are great for both intimate dinners and large gatherings.

Price: $20.62

2. Marble wine chiller

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Gift your host with this marble wine chiller that is perfect for keeping bottles cold throughout the night. After the event is over, the host can then store this wine chiller in the freezer so that it's good to go for the next event they decide to host.

Price: $39.95

3. Champagne embossed coaster set

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Help your host protect their coffee table from drink glasses and liquid condiments by gifting them with this six-piece champagne embossed coaster set that comes with a matching case for storage. Once your friend or family member is done playing host, they can then put these coasters to personal use when they're having a drink alone.

Price: $12.95

4. Personalized apron


Provide the host with a personalized touch by gifting them this full-length apron that includes their name embroidered on the front. Not only will this gift be perfect for the occasion, but it will also be perfect for any time the host is in the kitchen whipping up a meal for future gatherings.

Price: $27.79

5. 3-Gallon beverage dispenser

Source: Amazon

This 3-gallon beverage dispenser is great for helping any host store specialty beverages throughout the event. Not only does this stainless steel dispenser include an infuser tube for adding flavors to your drink, but it also includes an ice bucket at the bottom so that guests can sip on a cold drink for the entire night.

Price: $39.99

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