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CCTV Script 11/12/19


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 11, 2019, Wednesday.

Yes, like mentioned in the news, currently many Australian landmark buildings, including Sydney Opera House, are covered in smog. AQI in Sydney has rise to 11 times of "dangerous level", sailing event was also being cancelled.

Exposed to such air, local residents, especially child and the old whose resistance is weak, also face potential health risk. Local related officials have reminded the risk of heatstroke, and the terrible air quality combined with hot weather, enhancing the potential economy loss.

Actually, in Australia, hot and dry weather are very normal, long-lasting forest wildfire also ever happened. Till now, the most severe bushfire in Australia is the one which happened in Feb 2016, causing 200 deaths, so that day was called as "Black Saturday". Death toll for this year's bushfire is way far from that for "Black Saturday", but still brings huge damage.

Now, every state in Australia has been affected by the bushfire, in NSW, there are around 2M hectares of land being fired.

There are some debates about climate change now, which is similar to what happened in "Black Saturday". Australia's climate police has been under fire from environmentalists recent years.

In 2018, Australia's greenhouse gas emission amount had increased for 4 straight years. Last year, Australia quit its goal of emission reduction. So, people predict its greenhouse gas emission amount is going to rise for the 5th year. Some investigations show that many Australians believe the climate change is the reason of bushfire, Morrison, Australia prime minister doesn't think so, saying there is no conclusive evidence linking the two parts.

One of the main reasons for Australia slowing down its step to reach the emission goal is the pressure from energy industry. This year, Australia posts more positive statements on emission reduction, so how will the bushfire influence its climate policy and energy industry is still not sure, but tourism will be definitely impacted. The coming Christmas and New Year's Day are usually the season of sales in Australia.

However, the bushfire and worsened air quality may make some people not that eager to travel to Australia. British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned tourists be careful, saying there is bushfires in Australia and many residents evacuated.

Australia has been strived to boost its tourism, latest data shows that Australian tourism grows fast, but will the coming holidays and sales withstand the pressure from wildfire? We will keep an eye on this issue.