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CCTV Script 25/10/19


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on October 25, 2019, Friday.

Virgin Galactic's listing is an unusual move after the company announced a merger with Social Capital Hedosophia, which received shareholder approval on Thursday.

Virgin galactic is set to go public on the New York stock exchange on Monday, making it the world's first publicly traded commercial manned space company. The new company will be valued at about $1.5 billion, and the trading code will be changed to SPCE, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson will control 51% of the new company. Branson is also scheduled to be one of Virgin Galactic's first commercial travelers into space. Virgin Galactic is currently undergoing final flight tests and is expected to make its first commercial flight next year.

Richard Branson,founder of Virgin Galactic

We put 5 people into space in the last few months, and I happened to be the only space company, private space world to done that We have now pretty much moved everybody to new Mexico where the space port is and then the mother ship is there the space ship would be move there in the next couple of months, and then we will start the final test flights out of new Mexico before next year I go up and the other people go up as well

What does Virgin Galactic's commercial space travel look like? Virgin Galactic's spacecraft can carry up to six passengers and two pilots to the edge of space at a time.

The spacecraft will break away from the jet at 40,000 feet, or about 12.19 kilometers, and then launch a rocket engine that will travel through the earth's atmosphere at more than three times the speed of sound. The spacecraft and its passengers will then float in zero gravity for about 10 minutes before eventually returning to earth.

Such a relatively short trip to space would cost about $250,000 per person, and there are already 603 customers waiting. In addition, Virgin Galactic says it has received 3, 000 interest from potential customers worldwide after several successful flight tests. Like all travel, what should you wear in the space travelling is also important. Last week, virgin galactic teamed up with sportswear brand Under Armour to unveil the virgin galactic spacesuits for commercial space travel.

Currently, the two companies are working together to develop a full range of spacesuits, including spacesuits, training suits, footwear and even a limited-edition jacket for Virgin Galactic space travel. The suit is dark blue in color and looks lighter because it doesn't have to leave the cabin, and Under Armour says it's designed to keep passengers comfortable in special conditions like weightlessness. The clothes will be tailored to the passengers, along with a personal name tag and the national flag of their country.

Space tourism is still new, but UBS said in a march report that the potential market could reach $3 billion over the next decade.

In addition to virgin galactic, there are a number of commercial companies around the world that are exploring this area, trying to get a piece of "cake' in this market.

Despite all that looks good, Virgin Galactic's final test could still go awry and cause a change of plans. As with all new ventures, such risks are inevitable. We will keep close eyes on this issue.