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CCTV Script 28/11/19


— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on November 28, 2019, Thursday.

Now, it is the very important thanksgiving vacation in united states, which was supposed to be a reunion opportunity for families, but some local residents who were forced to evacuate have to find another shelter place at this busy festival. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation and it is not clear whether it was natural or man-made factor. In terms of the intense wildfires, there is a risk of another explosion, according to NYK TIMES's report, which quoted what the related officials from local emergency services said.

So, rescuers are trying to cut the pipelines first to help the chemicals burn up, instead of putting out fires now. The burning chemical is butadiene, which is made from processed petroleum and used to make synthetic rubber and plastics, CNN learned from local police. According to the U.S. national library of medicine, the colorless gas is a health hazard, but currently, local officials said there is no immediate data on air quality monitoring. so, it is hard to say how much the air quality will be affected by this explosion. Local related institutions warned residents who live at the downwind direction should keep alert about some adverse reactions, such as respiratory irritation or allergy etc., Port Neche, where the explosion occurred, only has a population of 13000,

But many chemical plants locate there, Texas is a major chemical city in the U.S. recent years, local government is also friendly to chemical companies, but in the past few years, there have been several chemical plant explosions in Texas.

In 2013, a deadly explosion happened in a fertilizer plant in Texas, the force is equivalent to a 2.1 magnitude earthquake and it almost destroyed the entire local community, it is also one of the worst industrial disasters in Texas history. In 2017, a plant, which belongs to a French chemical company and locates at Crosby where is close to Huston, suffered from explosion. The recent explosion has put the number of chemical plant explosions in Texas on the rise again. According to the company's website, the plant could produce more than 900 million pounds of chemicals that could cause untold damage to local communities.

The frequent explosions have raised concerns about the state's economic future. Despite persistent talk of sustainability, Texas is home to ExxonMobil, and Houston is considered the world's energy capital.

Texas has long prided itself on its leadership in oil refining and chemical production, and any transition would face a hindrance. At this stage, we can only hope that similar accidents can be avoided to the greatest extent.

We will keep an eye on its follow-ups.