Bill Gates sent an 81-pound package to his Reddit Secret Santa—here's what was inside

All of Gates' gifts, unwrapped
Source: szor via Reddit

Bill Gates has outdone himself yet again: For Reddit's annual Secret Santa gift exchange, in which Reddit users are matched up with Internet strangers to give presents, the billionaire shipped an 81-pound package to one lucky recipient, u/szor.

Gates, who lives in Washington, sent the package via Fedex overnight "across eight shipment zones," Szor posted on Reddit.

It was her 95th Reddit gift exchange, a detail Gates acknowledged by labeling each side of the box with the number.

Szor picked up her 81-pound package from FedEx
Source: szor via Reddit

Included in the box was a personalized note from Gates, who's been participating in Reddit Secret Santa since 2013: "I'm impressed that this is your 95th Reddit gift exchange! You seem like a very generous person, and I hope my gift makes you smile this Christmas," he wrote.

As for the 81 pounds of gifts, they were each individually wrapped and consisted of some of Szor's favorite things: adult-level LEGO sets, a Harry Potter Santa hat, treats for her cat and a plethora of sweets, including seven packages of Oreos.

Gates also sent a handful of his favorite books, plus a manuscript copy of Szor's all-time favorite: "The Great Gatsby."

"I think this is my favorite gift," she said in a video she posted on YouTube. "It's really unique because it's a manuscript book, so inside the pages are scans of F. Scott Fitzgerald's actual handwriting and all of his notes when he was making this book."

Check out everything she got from Gates here:

The most meaningful gift, though, wasn't wrapped.

In his note, Gates wrote: "I know no gift will ever make up for losing someone so important to you. I was very sorry to hear about your mom, and I've made a donation to the American Heart Association in her memory. I hope you and your family find your 'new normal' this holiday season."

The donation "is the most special gift of all," wrote Szor, who lost her mom earlier this year. "It means more to me than I can express."

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