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Here's what you say are your biggest financial commitments in 2020

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions, and every year those same Americans fall short of reaching their goals.

In the second article of this series, the Invest In You team once again asked readers and viewers to reveal their goals to fuel a commitment toward a healthier financial well-being in 2020. The response was overwhelming — and humbling.

Several themes emerged, including investing in future generations, paying off debt, owning a business and saving for retirement. Below are highlights from some of the respondents over the past few weeks.


Jessy, New York: "In 2019 I turned 30 and almost immediately wanted to be more adult. I started thinking about saving for a deposit on a house, paying down my debt and investing. So I'm starting small — packing my lunch instead of buying, writing down my incoming and outgoing funds to see how much I could save. I'm looking to take the next steps in taking control of my money."


Maria, Tyler, Texas: "I am an immigrant — a nurse who came here from the Philippines to achieve my American dream. It isn't as easy as most think, and money doesn't grow on trees. I pledge to get invested in 2020 for myself, my family and my community."

Maria from Texas is invested in pursuing the American Dream.


Adam, Charlotte, North Carolina: "I'm invested to retire early and pursue my passions — including starting a dog-care business and volunteering for local education, environmental and animal welfare causes."

Michael, Middleburgh, New York: "All I wanted to do in life was to be a volunteer firefighter, but I knew I also needed to be able to make a living. Thankfully, I was able to work for a company that also allowed me to attend fire calls. I learned a lot about investing from my colleagues and managers, and now I'm more confident about trading and investing. I am blessed to be married, with a beautiful wife and three kids. I'm invested to pay for their college education and for my wife's retirement. I'm now retired from my job, but I am still the assistant chief with my local volunteer fire department and attend almost all of the fire calls that come in. I pledge to continue to invest and to do my favorite thing in life — to help people in their worst time."


Larry, Lake Barrington, Illinois: "I'm invested to maintain the great retirement I have! I sing in my church choir, am president of my community choir, volunteer at a charity, travel to Ireland and chase after my grandkids. I just have to keep this going via my investments!"

Chris, Glendora, California: I'm invested so that my wife and I will be able to retire and not have to put the burden of caretaking on our children. Since I've worked in nonprofits my entire career, I don't foresee any financial windfalls. Therefore, I invest to slowly and steadily provide for my family's future. And knowing what it was like to graduate with debt, and with the rising cost of college, I would like to be able to help my future grandchildren with college expenses.

Peter, Millbrae, Caliornia: "After taking care of my 90-year-old father with dementia for the past three years, I'm starting this new decade with depleted retirement savings and a struggling business. With my father now moved into a memory-care facility, I can turn my focus towards growing my business profitability and rebuilding my retirement savings. The personal motto driving my comeback is 20/20: Perfect Vision. It means that clarity of mind, heart and habits will deliver a prosperous comeback. I'm invested for my sense of self and for my retirement health. I'm not giving up; I'm giving more and I'm coming back!"


Larry Collins

Denise, Cape Coral, Florida: "We make good money but live paycheck to paycheck. We have two kids, and I want to pay for their college education, so I pledge to start saving!

Bruno, Coventry, Rhode Island: "I pledge to get invested for any possible family emergency that we could encounter. I'm proud to say we paid off my wife's breast cancer treatment debt in less than a year, and we continue to save for our family!"

Ron, Dallas, Texas: "My parents' 40th anniversary is coming up in a few years, and I am invested to be able to treat them to a special celebration."

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