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Power Rankings: Feeling the love, race to deliver & a retail reality check -- top moments from the week of Jan. 13


Here are the top 3 moments from Power Lunch this week:

1. Feeling the Love

In this rally everything is feeling the love, even the most "hated" stocks.

By that we mean the most shorted names.

A rising market lifts everything. It's called short-covering where traders who are short stocks are forced to cover their position by buying back shares.

Names like Tesla, Beyond Meat, SmileDirectClub, and Peloton are all soaring...despite the big bets against them.


2. Race to Deliver

Bringing you a burrito could be a $467B business by 2025.

As demand for delivery grows, more and more players have entered the space.

One analyst told us that Grubhub could be gobbled up by Uber Eats.


3. Retail Reality Check

The National Retail Federation released numbers from this Holiday season.

Sales grew 4.1% from last year to $730B.

But it's been a mixed bag for retail.

Giants like Target missed the mark while surprise winners like Signet had a very Merry Christmas.

So what is working in retail?

Bryan Gildenberg explained why Apple might have drawn more shoppers to the mall, and Greg Melich shared his top picks.

Here's what's working in retail

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