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Here's what you say are your biggest financial commitments in 2020

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions, and every year those same Americans fall short of reaching their goals.

In the third article of this series, the Invest In You team once again asked readers and viewers to reveal their goals to fuel a commitment toward a healthier financial well-being in 2020. The response was overwhelming — and humbling.

Several themes emerged, including obtaining financial freedom, owning a business and saving for retirement. Below are highlights from some of the respondents over the past few weeks.


Sean, Grand Forks, North Dakota: "I'm invested to save and invest as much as I can as early as I can because of the power of compound interest. Being able to be financially independent and available to help others has been a dream of mine since high school."

Eric, Newington, Connecticut: "I started investing when I was 13 years old, learning about mutual funds in order to help my immigrant parents. Twenty-six years later I'm invested to provide a better life for my family, more financial freedom and to leave a legacy for my son. One of the greatest joys I have now is teaching and guiding family and friends on investing and helping them reach their goals as well."

Andrew, Lakewood, New Jersey: "I pledge to get invested for my future: my future family, paying off student debt, retirement and to be able to have the financially independent life I want.

Andrew Candino of Lakewood, New Jersey, says he's committed to paying off his student loans and other debt early on so he can be worry-free in retirement.
Andrew Candino


Maria, Bronx, New York: "I'm an immigrant from Ecuador and since coming to the United States, I've always had a dream. For years I've worked at a gas station as a cashier and wished to complete my house back in Ecuador and to give my family a proper vacation. Like many others, I've struggled with saving and investing. Therefore, I pledge to learn how to invest and save up my money to make my dreams come true and reach my goals."


Carol, McLean, Virginia: "I'm invested for retirement, old-age care and to have enough left to make a generous gift. I want to feel money-worry-free in retirement which will enable me to spend my time volunteering and working to make a difference for someone or something. Investing will also enable me to live a healthy life in retirement ... which may prevent me from needing care as I age. I think investing for health is a gift not only for me but for my children as well. Just in case, I also want to have enough money to pay for care, if needed. Last, I want to be able to give a generous gift to something I care about. That would make me happy to have invested enough to write a large check to a nonprofit doing critical work."

Carol Brunner is committed to saving enough for retirement to be able to give back during her golden years.
Carol Brunner


Clinton, Delray Beach, Florida: "I am a proud Dad, a proud American and a proud Air Force Veteran. I am invested in creating my legacy and for my children. I am still transitioning out of the military."

Jin, Seattle: "I pledge to continue investing money to help my mom retire comfortably. She has dedicated her life to raise three children as a single mom. It's the least a child could do for their mother."


Mary Beth, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania: "I pledge to get invested to start my own business that would leave a legacy for my children to own and operate."

Daniel, Flint, Michigan: "I plan to start a business in interior and exterior painting this year. I pledge to invest in myself because I want to be able to be proud of what I've built from scratch. By investing in myself, it has so much potential to pay off in the long run."

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