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CCTV Script 10/01/20

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on January 10, 2020, Friday.

Each year at CES, the international consumer electronics show, there are awards for technological innovation, the smart home and health and wellness sectors continue to be the most active sectors, following last year's trend, according to this year's winners

Whether it's a wireless charging device or an assisted nursing device, it's a core idea that technology creates a better world. At this year's CES, ai applications and robots of all kinds, which permeate all walks of life, were still the most eye-catching ones. The black technology of mind control is also getting closer to our lives.



so the more you concentrate, the faster it will go



green, red, blue

From the relatively simple task of controlling the switch or color of a light to controlling the movement and manipulation of robotic fingers, our brains seem to be able to control the wider and wider world.



the more you use it, the more the algorithm learn about him as an individual

But our brains may also get confused when it comes to the virtual world, for example

When you see these images, can you tell whether they are real or virtual? This artificial avatar, called NEON, was one of the stars of this year's CES. Not only do they look and behave like real humans, but they also have the ability to express emotion and intelligence, according to the developers of NEON. In this way, even if they are products of the virtual world, they can also play multiple roles in the real world.

Unlike leading-edge technology shows, the technologies on display in consumer electronics are closer to ordinary consumers and have more tangible business value, for example, as we just mentioned,

The market for technology that focuses on human-robot interactions will reach $1.5 billion this year and grow further in the future, the sector has already attracted a number of technology companies, including Facebook.

We will continue to pay attention to this