Michelob Ultra Pure Gold uses its Super Bowl ad to plug program for organic farming

Key Points
  • Michelob Ultra Pure Gold has released its Super Bowl spot.
  • The commercial tells consumers if they buy a six-pack of the organic beer a portion of sales will go toward farmers looking to transition to organic.
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold
Michelob Ultra

The Super Bowl spot for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, the brand's organic beer, tells consumers if they buy a six-pack of the lager a portion of sales will go to farmers transitioning their farmland to organic.

The Anheuser-Busch InBev brand is using its sixty-second commercial time to plug a program called "6 for 6-pack," which expands its earlier "Contract for Change" program that offers barley contracts for farmers transitioning their farmland to organic. The company promises that every purchase of a six-pack of Pure Gold will go toward helping farmers transition six square feet of farmland into organic. The agency worked with Interpublic Group of Cos.-owned agency FCB on the campaign.

Michelob rolled out Pure Gold in 2018 as an 85-calorie light lager made from organic ingredients. Azania Andrews, vice president of marketing for Michelob Ultra, said Pure Gold has generated $100 million in incremental net revenue since its release, with what she said was 10% of volume coming from people who are new to the beer category.

"This gives consumers the opportunity to join us in helping farmers interested in transitioning to organic," Andrews told CNBC. "For a typical farmer, there's a lot of risk associated. If you're not guaranteeing there's a buyer on the other end, sometimes it's too much of a challenge."

Andrews said the company is contracting with barley farmers guaranteeing it will purchase their organic grains at a premium once they've fully converted in the future. In the interim period, she said it's providing support and training for those farmers. The "6-For-6 Pack" program will run throughout the year.

Anheuser-Busch said it's working with the nonprofit CCOF Foundation to provide assistance to farmers working to steps to grow certified organic crops.

Andrews added that consumers these days are seeking ways to make a difference. "We hope that message feels big and inclusive and strikes a chord," she said.

Pure Gold made its Super Bowl debut last year with an ASMR-themed spot.

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