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Here's what you say are your biggest financial commitments in 2020

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions, and every year those same Americans fall short of reaching their goals.

In the fourth article of this series, the Invest In You team once again asked readers and viewers to reveal their goals to fuel a commitment toward a healthier financial well-being in 2020. The response was overwhelming — and humbling.

Several themes emerged, including obtaining financial freedom, owning a business and saving for retirement. Below are highlights from some of the respondents over the past few weeks.


Erick, Hudson, Massachusetts: "I've been a firefighter for 30 years, and I have two kids in college. I have been debt free for 10 years, and I'm loving it! I'm invested for my retirement and to become financially independent."

Jorge, Buffalo, New York: "I pledge to get invested for me, for my wife, for my children, for my retirement and for peace of mind while we enjoy our golden years."

Janice, Fountain Inn, South Carolina: "I pledge to get invested to have a secure financial future."


Eva, Colfax, Iowa: "I graduated five years ago with $200K in student debt. I pledge to get invested so I can pay that off and take a job that will allow me to be home for my family."

Eva Van Wyk
Eva Van Wyk


Carol, McLean, Virginia: "I am currently going through a career transition, and while thinking about my next career move, I decided to work on my investments as a full-time job. It is not only a financial goal but it has also been one of my passions since I was in college. I am thankful that I now have the time and the resources to do so. I'm invested to create a consistent revenue stream and also a comfortable retirement for me and my family."


Mike, Bradenton, Florida: "I am invested for my family: my wife and two boys — who are going off to college in six years — and retirement for us in 25 years (hopefully sooner). Our goal is to travel the world while giving our kids the best education we can, and ensure that they are financially literate and know how to properly manage their money and assets."

Katherine, Hialeah, Florida: "I'm invested so that I can achieve financial freedom at a young age and spread that freedom to my parents, who are blue-collar workers with no retirement or proper education. I want to be invested for them."

Katherine Vazquez
Katherine Vazquez

Jeff, Acworth, Georgia: "I'm invested for retirement and to be able to share my finances with my wife and sons. We're also invested in helping others in our community by giving."


Ryan, Bel Air, Maryland: "I pledge to get invested to save money and pay off debt. Life throws unexpected expenses at you, and it's happened to me."

Make the pledge to get invested today
Make the pledge to get invested today

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