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Power Rankings: love 'em or dump 'em, meme machine & bitcoin boom -- top moments from the week of Feb. 10

Here are the top 5 moments from Power Lunch this week:

1. Luv 'Em or Dump 'Em?

It's Valentine's Day.

Whether you're married, cuffed, or single and ready to mingle we wanted to make sure you felt the love today.

We brought in Tim Seymour to run through 4 stocks: Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL), Beyond Meat (BYND), Canopy Growth (CGC), and Expedia (EXPE).

Then the Love Doctor told you whether to "love" them (buy) or "dump" them (sell).

2. Bitcoin Boom

The price of bitcoin topped $10,000 for the first time since September of last year.

But given crypto's tendency toward volatility, many are unsure if this rally is here to stay.

The bulls argued that uncertainty around the globe surrounding the Coronavirus actually makes bitcoin even more appealing.

Fundstrat Co-founder and bitcoin bull Tom Lee told us that bitcoin will beat the Dow Jones to 40,000.

3. Meme Machine

Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg is banking big on memes.

The presidential hopeful is paying viral instagram influencers hundreds of thousands to promote his campaign.

Said posts are satirical and goofy, with Bloomberg asking influencers to create a meme that will make him look cool.

NY Times Reporter and Meme Master Taylor Lorenz gave us the rundown on whether this strategy is paying off.


All that meme talk got Tyler inspired.

He asked us on-air to turn him into a meme...and since we're professionals, we obliged him.

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