Disney brings Impossible Burger to US parks and cruise line as demand for meat alternatives grows

Key Points
  • Disney announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Impossible Foods.
  • The Impossible Burger will now be the "preferred plant-based burger" of Disneyland, Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line.
  • The news comes as meat alternatives are getting more popular among consumers. 
The Impossible Meatball Submarine will be available at Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim, California during the park's Food and Wine Festival starting February 28, 2020.

Disney is once again expanding its selection of plant-based food items at its U.S.-based theme parks as well as on its cruise line — this time with Impossible Foods.

The company announced Tuesday that it has partnered with the plant-based meat company to make the Impossible Burger the "preferred plant-based burger" of Disneyland, Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line.

"We're excited to add more items featuring the Impossible Burger to our menus," John State, culinary director at Disneyland Resort, said in a statement. "We're always looking for ways to bring more flavor, innovation and creativity to the Disney dining experience."

The company said customers had long been clamoring for Disney to offer more plant-based food in its parks and hotels, and these new menu items have been in the works for some time.

A growing number of consumers identify as flexitarians, or people who are looking to reduce their meat intake for health or environmental reasons. Euromonitor estimates that the market for plant-based foods could be worth $2.5 billion by 2023.

In the last year, Impossible Foods has also partnered with Burger King to create the Impossible Whopper and rival Beyond Meat tested plant-based burgers at McDonald's locations in Canada. Both brands can be found at multiple grocery retailers in the U.S. as well.

Beyond Meat's stock fell around 2% during midday trading following the news of Impossible Food's partnership with Disney.

The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida already has more than 400 food items that are free of meat, dairy, eggs or honey at its quick-service restaurants, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California is expected to have the same volume by spring 2020.

To celebrate the partnership with Impossible Foods, Disney will debut new Impossible meat menu items at the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival on Feb. 28.

Included in the selection of items will be a Petite Impossible Burger with guacamole and pepper jack cheese available at Avocado Time Marketplace; Impossible Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese at Nuts About Cheese Marketplace; and an Impossible Meatball Submarine at Paradise Garden Grill.

"We are thrilled to be working with Disney," Dennis Woodside, president of Impossible Foods, said in a statement. "The millions of park-goers who visit Disney Parks and Resorts and sail on Disney Cruise Line each year – including those who are reducing their impact on the environment by eating less meat – will now be able to order the Impossible Burger and other delicious dishes made with our plant-based meat."

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