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Everything Jim Cramer said about the stock market on 'Mad Money,' including market declines, Mastercard shakeup, Intel and Caterpillar charts

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CNBC's Jim Cramer warned investors that the coronavirus' impact on businesses have yet to be priced into the market. The "Mad Money" host sat down with outgoing CEO Ajay Banga, who plans to pass the baton to Chief Product Officer Michael Miebach in 2021. Later in the show, he broke down what the recent stock action in Intel and Caterpillar says about their industries and the broader market.

More downside on Wall Street

A volunteer measures a passenger's body temperature. In light of a coronavirus outbreak in China, Hong Kong district councillors and residents formed makeshift quarantine stations, screening passengers arriving from China, Feb. 4, 2020.
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CNBC's on Tuesday suggested investors hold tight because the slide on Wall Street may not be over.

"Given that the averages hit record levels last week and the froth was as thick as I've seen it in ages, I think the slowdown still isn't [fully baked] in these stocks," the "Mad Money" host said. "That's why I continue to recommend this heavy cash position."

Mastercard shakeup

Michael Miebach, left, and CEO Ajay Banga of Mastercard with Jim Cramer on CNBC's Mad Money.
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President and CEO Ajay Banga told CNBC that he has led the company for more than a decade and that it is time to pass the baton.

He will transition out of the roles next year, ceding the chief executive seat on Jan. 1 and the president title months later to current Chief Product Officer Michael Miebach.

"When I joined I told everybody that I'd give it a 10-year crack. This is the 11th year and so it's fine," said Banga, joined by Miebach, in an interview with  Cramer. "Knowing when to step aside is as important as knowing when to drive."

Off the charts

Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Cramer warned that there are ominous signs in the trajectories of and stock.

The host host took a dive into chart research from Tim Collins, a market analyst and writer at who thinks recent action in the two stocks offer insight into their respective industries amid coronavirus worries.

"This market's been put through the meatgrinder, but the charts of Intel and Caterpillar, as interpreted by Tim Collins, suggest that some major stocks could still have a lot more downside," Cramer said. "We're not oversold enough, people."

Cramer's lightning round

In Cramer's lightning round, the "Mad Money" host ran through his thoughts about callers' favorite stock picks of the day.

: "Nothing's immunized from the coronavirus, but you know I like Axon ... It's been a big win for us and we're reiterating that we still like it."

: "Oh, man. It's got 5G and it's got SaaS, and therefore it means that they ought to come on this show 'cause there's too many of those other companies like that and I can barely keep them straight anymore."

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