Invest in You: Ready. Set. Grow.

Here's what you say are your biggest financial commitments in 2020

Here's what Kelly Clarkson, Suze Orman and other celebrities are invested...

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions, and every year those same Americans fall short of reaching their goals.

In the seventh article of this series, the Invest In You team once again asked readers and viewers to reveal their goals to fuel a commitment toward a healthier financial well-being in 2020. The response was overwhelming — and humbling.

Several themes emerged, including saving now for a brighter future, teaching kids financial literacy and building a business. Below are some highlights from this week's respondents.


Elliot — Irvine, California: "I started putting money into the market after I graduated with no money in 2011. I've been putting away much of my pre/post tax income, and I am very excited to see significant gains. I pledge to invest for financial freedom and independence for my wife and I so one day we don't have to ask for vacation days."

Nelcol — Mt. Vernon, New York: "I have been a single mom for the last 25 years and I feel stuck. I work hard to provide for my family, and I feel like I'm chasing my tail. I pledge to get invested to break this cycle."

NelCol from Mt. Vernon, New York

Liam — Jackson, Wyoming: "I pledge to invest for security and freedom. Freedom to enjoy life and help others enjoy their lives. Future security that can help support myself and my family for years to come."


Amanda — Phoenix, Arizona: "I'm invested for my family and my community. As a small business owner, I believe in giving back to my community and family. Financial independence is important, and I pledge to support fiscal literacy programs in K-12 education, support low-income senior citizen programs, and ensure my family can have financial security for years to come through solid financial investments."

Mark — Phoenixville, Pennsylvania: "I pledge to invest and teach my children the things that I never learned about financial investing and show them different avenues of financial freedom."

Ryan — Wallingford, Connecticut: "I remember digging the foreclosure sign out of my front yard as a kid. I remember coming home from high school and finding my mom crying at the kitchen table because her card was declined at the grocery store ... again. I remember asking aunts and uncles to cosign my student loans. I remember monthly, when I make a payment toward my $150,000 of college debt, of what I despise, and I remember daily at 4:15 when my alarm goes off what is driving me. I'm investing in myself, so that eventually, I can invest in others and show them the way that I clawed through. I pledge to invest in myself because I start with the end in mind, and my wife knows I live by only one mantra ... It's possible."

Ryan — Olney, Illinois: "I am a fairly new investor and ready to start my investment adventure by diversifying my money into ETFs that cover different sectors. I have recently started building my portfolios to help me meet my financial goals! I pledge to get invested for the long haul, to stay on course at the moment, and to work on my dollar cost averaging. I believe in the market and think it is a must to invest your money so your money works for you."


Jomary — Waterbury, Connecticut: "I am a cosmetologist and I pledge to get invested so I can open my own salon. I believe God put me on this earth to help women feel beautiful inside & out. If I had my own salon, I would be able to provide that to women of all shapes and sizes."

Rachel — Plano, Texas: "I have a full-time job and make jewelry on the side. I pledge to get help and be invested in my jewelry business."

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