Amazon's cashierless checkout technology coming to Newark Airport

Key Points
  • OTG is bringing the cashierless checkout technology to one of its CIBO Express stores at the Newark Liberty International Airport.
  • The "Just Walk Out" technology will launch at a CIBO Express store in Newark Liberty's Terminal C on March 16.
  • Earlier this week, Amazon announced it would begin selling the cashierless technology that powers its Go stores to other retailers. 
People shop at the newly opened Amazon Go Store on May 07, 2019 in New York City. The cashier-less store, the first of this type of store, called Amazon Go, accepts cash and is the 12th such store in the United States located at Brookfield Place in downtown New York.
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Amazon's cashierless checkout technology will soon be available for travelers at Newark Liberty International Airport. 

One of OTG's CIBO Express stores is launching Amazon's "Just Walk Out" technology on March 16. The store, which offers food, drinks and other essentials, is located in Newark Airport's Terminal C. Other CIBO Express locations at Newark Liberty and New York's LaGuardia Airport will add the technology soon, OTG said.

The news comes as Amazon announced Monday it would begin selling the cashierless technology that powers its Go stores to other retailers. 

Last September, CNBC reported that Amazon was in talks with retailers including OTG and Cineworld's Regal theaters to launch its cashierless technology in some locations. Another source said Amazon was looking to offer the technology to concession stands in baseball stadiums.

OTG said shoppers will be able to swipe their credit card upon entering a CIBO Express store, grab items they want to purchase and "just walk out for maximum speed and convenience."

Currently, shoppers in those stores can self check-out (cashiers are only on hand to assist if needed) but customers still need to scan each item individually. This will speed up the process even further.

The "Just Walk Out" technology enables shoppers to purchase items and exit the store without the need to stop and stand in a checkout line. Cameras and other sensors through the store monitor which items shoppers take with them and charge them automatically when they leave. 

"We've found that shoppers truly appreciate checkout-free retail experiences, so we're thrilled to be working with an innovative company like OTG to bring our proven Just Walk Out technology to their airport stores," said Dilip Kumar, Amazon's vice president of physical retail and technology, in a statement. 

Amazon has signed several other deals with retailers interested in bringing the Just Walk Out technology to their stores. The company declined to comment on other companies that plan to use the technology or how much Amazon is charging them to use it. 

The move comes as Amazon continues to build out its network of 25 Go stores across the country. Last month, Amazon launched its first, full-size, cashierless supermarket, called Go Grocery, not far from its Seattle headquarters.

Here's a look inside Amazon's first full-size grocery store
Here's a look inside Amazon's first full-size grocery store