FACTBOX-Norway central bank latest to ease policy following coronavirus outbreak


LONDON, March 13 (Reuters) - Central banks around the world have responded in succession in recent weeks with interest rate cuts, along with additional easing in some cases, to try to help alleviate the evolving coronavirus threat to the world economy. Following is a reverse-chronological list of those cuts. Interest rates are benchmark policy rates unless stated otherwise. A brief summary of major additional stimulus measures follow below the table.

Date Central Rate cut New rateBank/country (bps)13/03/2020 Norges Bank / -50 1.00


12/03/2020 European Central -25 TLTRO -0.75% onBank / euro zone ** rate TLTROsDeposit -0.50rate no (same)


11/03/2020 Bank of England / -50 0.25

United Kingdom*

11/03/2020 Serbia -50 1.7511/03/2020 Iceland -50 2.2505/03/2020 Jordan -50 3.5004/03/2020 Bank of Canada -50 1.2504/03/2020 Hong Kong Monetary -50 1.50


03/03/2020 Federal -50 1.00-1.25

Reserve/United States

03/03/2020 Malaysia -25 2.5003/03/2020 Reserve Bank of -25 0.50


20/02/2020 Bank Indonesia -25 4.7520/02/2020 People's Bank of -10 4.05

China (1-year Loan Prime Rate)

05/02/2020 Bank of Thailand -25 1.00

** The ECB also increased the total amount of its existing 20 billion euro ($22 billion) a month asset purchase programme by 120 billion euros this year. TLTROs are Targeted Long-Term Refinancing Operations, cheap loans to banks. The ECB kept its deposit rate unchanged.

** The Bank of England also introduced a new programme for cheap credit and reduced a capital buffer to help banks to lend.

($1 = 0.8962 euros)

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